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Latest tweets from The Car Mat Company (@CarMatCompany). Moreover, some floor mats are the pure colour of rubber, while many other contain company logos, cartoon characters or advertising.

uk/blogs/news/five-tips-to-make-sure-your-car-lasts-longer. Describes the company profile of CARMAT on Markets Insider. is a leading and well-known manufacturer of car mats, offering tailor-made car mats for every make and model. Has your washable floor mat waves at the side edge?

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Wish I'd reread those reviewers before I bought...... I wish I'd been reading all those critiques before I bought it..... Disconnected from 24 10 trading days ago and have not yet been shipped any product or update. I lost my e-mail to the company, so they used the "Contact" section on their website.

All I can think is that they will reply/refund me; what a disgrace that a company from which hundreds of thousand have to buy is just a fraud. Partially with my yellow probably won't see my car floor mat or my yellow be rewarned. It'?s a fraudulent company. It'?s a complete fraud.

You don't have to wait for your mat to come in that doesn't work. And my cash went to an e-mail with the words Carspunk, yes really! Visit the Car Mat's Facebook page for the whole sad story about Kris Johnson and his many successes. Totally devilish company! Poorest possible after sales support - AVOID! Wish I had been reading these Google ratings before ordering.

Unfortunately, I was foolish enough to believe the bogus reviews on the site, where every critic is a satisfied client who comments on the outstanding mat qualities and outstanding client support. Now, if these appraisers are real, they're not with the same company I am... that's fucking for sure.

I ordered them over two week ago - so I e-mailed them twice and received no reply (I now realize) that this is characteristic behavior for this company. I' ve been waitin' 15 nights, and I haven't seen my supermugs. And I had no idea why you were nine and a half day too late. Aw.

Probably the baddest company I've ever met. Shipment time was indicated with 3 to 7 working day. 2 week later I submitted a complaint to my payment service company. Four-week later, a mat kit arrives. Don't give this fraud company your cash! I wish I'd seen those street previews before I ordered.

Fallen for the critiques on her website, which are obviously forged. More than two week have passed since the shipment was indicated 2 to 5 workdays. Don't use this company. Don't use this company! Ordered my mat almost a months ago and got it just a few and a half years ago! They sent me an e-mail and I got an e-mail informing them that their device had failed.

Horrible, horrible company. Deliveries within 3 - 7 working day after order confirmation. And after three whole families of children, the mat came in. Sadly this was a whole month after I sent an e-mail to reverse it because I had bought others from somewhere else. Doubtful that I will get my winnings back and I don't think they will get in touch with me (as I've asked several times). Communicating with clients doesn't seem to be high (or anywhere else) on this company's agendas.

Expend your hard-earned cash elsewhere on a legitimate business. That company should be prevented. I ordered my car carpets almost two week ago. After almost a whole week I had no e-mails from the company, so I contact them and received a message that a part was defective and was now being repaired (would have been great if they had said so). I asked to have the order cancelled as it took too long and I was said it was too late for it to be cancelled.

I don't have any mat one weeks after that. I' m beginning to think I may never get the mat from this company. I' ve just been reading a note about here that says matting never showed up and had no answer from email. I wish I'd been reading the review here before I got it from this company, because the review they list doesn't say anything about the issue I've had.

Besides, you can't check it, I suppose, until you've got your order, because believe me, I've tried it, but I haven't been able to. I wish I had. Ordered car carpets that they had not gotten in the given period, I have not mailed 3 replies, I have asked for reimbursement, still nothing heared!

It'?s not a genuine company! Ordered over a months ago and did not receive my order. Your website will guarantee a shipping notification within 5 workdays. Eight and a half day later and nothing receive, nor do they respond to e-mails. Recent articles and the fact that their website only shows articles from "reviews" make it clear that they are a poor provider. io" (heavily rigged) (in contrast to TP).

DON'T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. Apple support services and no matting. Apple support services and no matting supplied. I waited three and a half days after paying for the shipment for 3-5 days. This is very much a suspicion for a company headquartered in the UK. DON'T ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. Completely unprofessional company!!!

It'?s a completely non-professional and uncompetent company!!! Ordered and informed that the shipping time would be 3-5 business working day. It' two week later, and still no deliveries. The company does not provide phone numbers or contacts to answer your questions or resolve your complaints, but does claim to have a "friendly customer service department" that only contacts you by e-mail.

However, you will not react to your complaints for a few whole day! So, after being informed by e-mail about their complete absence of support by not telling their clients about the "similar" of their system, I was informed that they "cannot inform every client by e-mail about their delay". Canceled my order and got a full reimbursement after two working day.

Although I believe that their product, when they supply, is generally good, I cannot believe the bad justification of the division "customer service". You do yourself a favor and keep away from this company! That company is a deception. The company operates under a different name "Creative Essentials Ltd", which is registered in the company's premises with very delinquent bank account balances (not filed) and "active crash proposal".

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