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Preserve the carpet of your car with style. Floor mats & floor coverings Lund. Automotive Floor Mats Pilot Automotive. Custom Fit Floor Mats All Seasons Custom Auto Mats, made in the USA, lightfast and without cracks.

Purpose of cancelling a tariff licence - Car carpets

Duties intend to withdraw orders for the following products: Carpets, KFZ, TUFTED NYLON, with all the following characteristics: a: Graphic arts embossed upper of cast fibre yarns; backed with rubber coated with rubber and with a backed styrene-butadiene-styrene copolymers, having one or more of the following spikes: a) two front doormats; afterwards:

a) multilayer; b) high AND low melting point blends of polymers of polypropylene as well as ethylene, needled; if you are currently imported the above goods, you may consider requesting a new customs concession order.

Cleansers are leaders in high-quality car maintenance equipment.

Cleansers are leaders in high-quality car maintenance equipment. The best of our chemistry, bodies, mechanics and all-round automotive experts with the latest technologies, as Mothers product line is designed to provide the best possible results and ease of use. Attack? offers the best labour-saving, effective and dependable machinery to make your work as simple as possible while delivering outstanding results.

Carfit® stands for the highest level of service and top product to protect your car. Over 25 years supply expertise in the Australia markets. With the installation of a Carfit® rug, blanket or long life mat, you are making an investment in improving the look and feel of your car.

Featuring exquisite styling, guaranteed performance, lightfast, non-delaminating and non-tearing. The Carfit® Smart Cargo Tie Downs are an extraordinary premium grade with an unsurpassed performance engineered line. Comprehensive tests and developments make sure that only the best possible workmanship, the most beloved and most advanced products are being used.

The Ark Corporation provides the industry with over 35 years of experience in portable power, aftermarket/OE tow and tow product applications. Replacing the incorrect prop will cause the new prop to malfunction and worsen before time. Rolling stock gets old and its lifting brackets loose their initial load and are therefore in many cases unable to bear the weights of bonnets, trunk decks, rear window decks, rear door decks, skylights, bin liners, decks, toolbox decks and bedding they are intended to bear.

In order to ensure high levels of production and reliability, we only purchase from suppliers who are certified to comply with international norms such as those of standard EN ISO and QS. Produced in state-of-the-art facility and laboratory to satisfy and surpass after market industry standard, our equipment is efficient and durable. The Piloti boots have always been developed for riders who need a high performing boot for heels and toes and other unusual work.

The Krylon is the US leading company with high awareness of the brands and has been designed as the best possible colour with unsurpassed qualities and cover. Fenster SOX is a new efficient protective agent against shadows and insects when attached to the back window of your car. Since 40 years it has been our ambition to achieve top performance in supplying the automotive and hard ware world.

Our ongoing commitment to the improvement and development of our product lines and offerings is aimed at providing our clients and users with the best possible product, engineering and service offerings. We are focused on providing quality car maintenance equipment and supplies that lead the industry and surpass our customers' expectation.

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