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Company Carolina Mat

Incorporated offers a patented laminated mat, construction mat, road and construction mat, bridge and crane mat, and deck mat. Wholesale of home textiles and household goods is the business segment of the company. Incorporated is active in concrete construction: Crane Mat Sales & Rentals in North Carolina. Proud to offer mat rental and facility services in North and South Carolina!

Layered mats, tree mats, tree mats, tree mats, crane mats, Plymouth, NC

It has been in operation for 40 years, since it was established by Ronald Harrison in 1973. After 20 years working in the wood processing industries where he built houses, then palettes and crates, Ronald started the company until the early 1970s, when he was asked to develop a wood mat that could be used by lumberjacks to build a provisional highway into marshy areas.

Weyerhaeuser's Ronald took up the challenges by creating and building a hard-wood matting production line (pallet-like in look and structure) that could be installed on hazardous softer, wetter, sandier and bumpier terrains so that lumberjacks could move forward securely in their work. Today, Ronald's proprietary patent pending Ronald mat technologies manufacture several types of 100% black and 100% black oaken matting suitable not only for harvesting, but also for a wide range of applications in various sectors.

Mat Inc 193 Carolina St Plymouth, NC Pallets & Skids

Incorporated Carolina Mat Inc. provides a proprietary laminate mat, building mat, road and building mat, bridges and cranes mat, and covering-mat. Our company's matting is environmental sound, recyclable, portable and made from 100 per cent oaken. It is used for timber extraction, building, bridges, roads, home relocation, piping work and repairs, chopper pods, installing and repairing clarification tanks, servicing supply lines, providing oilfield service, traversing bogs, fens, bogs, sludgy and sandny areas and soils.

Solid matting maintains aquatic environment integrity by eliminating discharge caused by soil degradation. Incorporated has its registered office in Plymouth, N.C.

High quality gymnastic equipment and mats

Founded in 1956, we are the market leaders for innovation in gymnastic exercise and are proud to produce the highest performing gymnastic exercise machines. We pride ourselves on providing the best gym machines and matting for home fitness studios, gym schools, cheerleading schools, colleges, YMCAs and home use. In addition, we offer select from the best gymnastic apparatus producers in the world.

Top-class gymnastic machines. Top of the range maintenance. There is no room for mistakes in the touchdown, why should there be one in the gear? With our high performance fitness mats and machines we will surpass your expectation.

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