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The New York design studio ABC Carpet & Home returns to Brooklyn with the opening of a store in Industry City. Nothing compares to the soft plush feel of carpets. Floors and house Bendigo, high quality carpets, tiles, floating and vinyl floors. The Carpet One Floor & Home range offers one of the widest selections of carpets, hardwoods, laminate floors, tile floors, vinyl planks and LVT, room carpets and more. Learn more about the history of ABC Carpet & Home Co.


Carpets, Area Rugs, Broadloom & Staircases

The Imperial Carpet's Carpet and Carpet exhibition space has over 100,000 sqm of wonderful rugs to offer. Our exhibition space is called "carpet heaven", "a carpet arts gallery" and "a carpet arts museum". It' the best carpet factory worldwide! The choice of Imperial's range of exquisite rugs is huge.

Our shop is structured according to carpet prices, carpet sizes and carpet collections. Carpets appear every month, in the latest weave types, texts, colors and designs, with over $30 million in carpets in stock! Our seasoned professionals have been helping our customers throughout Canada choose the right carpet for their home or shop for over 45 years.

Carpet & Home sends rugs all over the globe. We reel rugs of any sizes and pack them beautifully in our kit-cartons.

The ABC Carpet is reduced in size again.

The ABC Carpet & Home is contracting - again. This chic retail chain, which has been trading rugs in the Big Apple for more than a hundred years, is shutting down its second shop this year and reducing its size to its flag ship, an aerial centre for expensive, versatile home furniture and accessoires. ABC Carpet will in January shut down the carpet shop it has been running on 881 Broadway for three centuries, opposite its six-storey listed flag ship at 888 E. 1900 St., according to a request by the state.

ABC Carpet was called "Disneyland for wealthy adults" and was once the biggest carpet shop in the whole wide range. Paulette Cole, the daugther of Jerome Weinrib, took over the company from his dad in 1961. "We deliberately dimensioned the deal correctly and responded to New York property and the on-line phenomenon," Cole said to Swiss Post.

In 2016 Cole shut down ABC Carpet's Bronx Warehouse and this past season shut down a 50,000 square feet shop in Delray Beach, Fla. Early this year, she inceded a $133 million deal with Normandy Real Estate Partners to resell four out of six stories at the 888 flag ship - a property ABC Carpet has owned to Normandy Real Estate Partners, which is constructing offices across the warehouse in what Cole said is a $133 million transaction.

NBC Carpet controls about 80,000 sq ft, which will include three restaurants, the 235,000 sq ft facility as it also invests in its becoming on-line strategy, Cole said. A three-storey carpet shop across the road, which did not belong to the whole familiy, will move into one storey of the flag ship next year.

"We like to say the carpet comes home," Cole said. She opened a shop in Sunset Park, Brooklyn last year to partly compensate for the Bronx stockout.

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