Carpet Brands

Carpet brands

Jordans Floor Coverings offers you one of the largest selection of carpets in Western Canada. Bremworth Cavalier Carpets - Chaparral Carpets. The nylon carpets are known for their beauty, comfort and durability. The Wear-Dated Nylon carpet brands have a patented fiber design for vibrant colors and easy cleaning. Softstrand Silk Reserve by Mohawk - Softstrand Silk by Mohawk - Luxurious Smartstrand Carpet.

5 best carpet brands for home owners

Today we would like to introduce some of the best carpet brands in the world. Below are the brands of floor coverings that are market leading and renowned for their innovation in carpets and floor coverings. Hopefully this information will help you on your way to the floor covering you want for your home.

One of the greatest determinants of the indoor environment that affects the indoor environment is the loft and crevice isolation as well as the carpet in your home. These are some of the best brands of floors you can use today: One of our favourite brands is Shaw flooring, with which we work because of their qualities, level of customer care, pricing and uptime.

Shaw was indeed voted #1 by Floor Covering News, Floor Covering Weekly and Floor Focus all of which are top carpet and floor covering publishers. You are an innovating trademark that develops product such as LifeGuard and R2X Stain Resistance. The LifeGuard is a hydrophobic carpet backing that is impermeable to humidity and totally repellent to hydrophobicity, while other brands can easily accommodate it.

V2X Spot Retention is a spot and dirt repellent system that is the result of years of research and development. While most brands only cover the carpet's outer layer, using R3X covers all of the carpet's fibres and gives you total coverage. Shaw Flooring is not only an innovator, but also a leader in terms of sustainable development.

Each year they publish a CSR review and provide a carpet cycling networking to encourage carpet cycling practice. Mohawk Industries is a leading carpet manufacturer. Responding quickly to the move of the industry towards polyesters, they did so through their Continuum technologies. Kontinuum results in a smoother and more efficient fibre.

The fibre offers a deep and rich appearance while offering extraordinary strength. SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets were designed with All Pet Protections and Warranty. It' s the only carpet system that provides lifelong, integrated spot cover for all your pet and accident. Another Dupont brand at the top of our carpet manufacturer roster.

With DuPont Sorona, Dupont is creating durable, smooth and attractive rugs. Convenient, dirt-repellent and environmental friend. Even mats with a high molecule mass and even fibre distribution are highly resistent. This is another great floor covering make. Among their four best-selling items (TruSoft, PetProtect, Active Family and Essentials), they have your home safe and sound.

As the name says, this carpet is incredibly smooth and comfy. Don't be afraid of spillage - this carpet is dirt-repellent to foods and beverages. When you have your own pet, this is the carpet for you. It consists of a fibre-dyed and a solution-dyed polyamide which is equipped with spot and odour-proofing.

In addition, the carpet will reduce the attractiveness between the animal fur and the carpet, which makes vacuuming much more easy! An active family: The Active Carpets are known for their longevity. It is also highly dirt-repellent, which is indispensable for any full cottage. It is ideal for rooms and small areas, but still dirt- and dirt-repellent.

The Atlas Carpeting is an award-winning designer guide. It offers product with a broad range of designs and textures for all types of budget. When you have a house that needs a very particular note, this is the carpet for you. When it comes to the needs of your home for floor coverings, we can give you professional advice on where to go.

Call us today if you are interested in any of these brands and how to get them installed at home!

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