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Teppichmarken Great Britain

One good website is uk, but there are also many others. Find the perfect home carpet. Mohawk is a leading carpet manufacturer.

Buying for carpets is a lot like shopping for a car. Brinton's (UK) Woven and woven carpets, made from the finest wool and branded nylon, Masland has the creativity, craftsmanship and colour you've been looking for.

Top 5 UK carpet manufacturers

There is a long tradition of producing high class carpet on these isles. Brintons was established in 1683 in Kidderminster - the carpet capitol of Great Britain - and was the pioneer of the 80/20 wool-nylon-mixture. Brintons is a luxurious carpet that provides the luxurious feeling and long life that is the trademark of a Brintons carpet.

Recently they won the title "Best Tufted Stock Product" at the International Wool Carpet and Rug Awards. Made of 100% PP, the 100% 100% polyester material, the product is dirt repellent. For more than 40 years Kingsmead has been producing rugs in Ayrshire. Specialising in simple and stripe rugs, they are importing high grade New Zealand wools.

Take a look at the striking stripe design on Kingsmead's artwork series. Western Yorkshire has a long history of carpet manufacturing, so it was a natural choice for Westex to settle in the early 1980s. This is a technological carpet that is processed to avoid spots, house dustmites and moth.

Ultima Twist Series has a double thread that provides extraordinary strength and longevity. We will be pleased to lay your own carpet for you if you wish.

Best rugs in Great Britain

You can find the carpet that is right for your home from our large range of high value products. Furnishers carries rugs from some of the best UK producers, such as Axminster and Ryalux. Our range includes rugs for residential and bedroom areas and rugs for staircases. There is also a great range of dirt-resistant and impermeable rugs, making them great for children's rooms and play rooms.

What are the best luxury carpet and flooring brands in the UK?

When you really want fine carpets and floor coverings and want to be in the UK, you should know that there are many great possibilities. Whilst you may be expecting to be paying a little more to be able to get the highest levels of service, it is certain that the best service is a little more valuable.

Several luxurious carpet and floor covering brands in the UK are much cheaper than most consumers think. Below are a few brands that are worth a close look..... Are you looking for a new carpet? When you want the look of genuine timber without care, you'll find that our products offer laminated floors in a variety of attractive surfaces.

There are three different qualities of floor covering available. If you want luxurious floor coverings, please pick the highest layer and chose the desired surface. It is a very prestigious and long-lasting floor covering that is easy to use. If you decide on the highest grade of excellence for this label, you will receive something very unique.

The Sinclair Till is a good option for luxurious carpets in the UK and this valued trade mark also offers floor coverings with high-end styling, finish and perform. You will be amazed at what the carpet of this label looks like. And if you choose genuine parquet floors over laminated or linear parquet, you'll enjoy the stylish parquet design from Todd.

The British company provides high-quality floor coverings with the most sophisticated designer features. If you want something sleek and luxury or want a stylish look that's artistic, you'll find that Ted Todd has a first class stock. Hopefully our short instructions will help you find the most stunning carpets and floor coverings at affordable rates that are within easy reach. Here's a list of the most popular carpets and floor coverings available.

While these are luxurious brands, they provide great value for the price of the cash you need to use.

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