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Use our floor calculator to determine your approximate floor space in square meters. Carpet measurement tips, including a handy carpet calculator that helps you determine the square meters needed for your project. Estimate square meters, length, meters and hectares for landscape, floor, carpet or tile projects to estimate the area and amount of material required. We' ve made the carpet calculator easy to use. It is not possible to resolve CarpetCalculatorProgram into one type.

Compute how much carpet you need.

TIP: Rugs are stated in either straight or quadratic meters to make sure you compare as for matches. Since the carpet width is usually 3.66 meters, the running meter cost is higher than the squared meter cost (please be aware) (some of our rugs are 4 meters wide). In order to obtain the corresponding per m2 cost from a running meter cost, simply multiply the running meter cost by the carpet width (either 3.66 or 4 meters).

NB: The amounts given are approximate only (with a width of 3.66 metres) for linear use. Contact your carpet dealer for an exact size and quotation, and verify that the cost of padding and laying is covered by the pricing.

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Estimating the quality of the flooring

The choice of carpet does not have to be difficult. With our carpet selection service, you will be guided through all the steps you need to take to find out which carpet is right for your home and your ancestors. There are many types of carpets and fibres to select from and each gives your floors a beautiful, uniquely new look and feeling.

Since costs also play an important role in carpet selection, you should definitely visit our Carpet Prices page for more information about our carpet choices. When you have chosen the right look and colour for your home, use our Carpet Calculator to calculate the amount of carpets you will need for your next action to calculate the amount of carpets you will need for your next action.

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