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Nothing beats the feeling of a brand new carpet under your feet, especially in the cold winters of Canada! Explore a decorative collection of rich textures, patterns and colour palettes that are both elegant and suitable for any location in the Canadian home. The ClassicTurbo carpet is compact, light and easy to roll up. Ideal for winter activities and school trips. We supply and install carpets, hardwood, tiles, vinyl, laminate and more.

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Nothing beats the feeling of a new carpet under your feet, especially in the wintertime! Carpets provide unsurpassed heat and smoothness, and remain the most preferred option for bedroom and home environments. Featuring many makes that incorporate spot fastness directly into the fibers and provide stunning long-term guarantees, you can be confident that carpets will provide both strength and convenience.

For more information about rugs, please refer to our flooring guide. Hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl tiles and boards, rugs, carpet, carpets, tiles, vinyl, cork floors and more. This is the carpet for your home. Beaulieu Canada offers a large selection of high value rugs and gives you the opportunity to select the carpet that suits your needs and your life style.

The SmartStrand is the only carpet with built-in spot and dirt repellency that NEVER gets worn or washed off. Unparalleled longevity and smoothness for peace of mind and convenience Lifetime spot and dirt resistant integrated, not spray-on Protection that never gets worn or washed off like other rugs Easily cleaned with either washing powder or fine chemicals Environmental friendlier because it's partly made from renewables No wonder SmartStrand is number 1 in consumer happiness!

Mahawk rugs are conceived to be suitable for practically any use, taking into account the decoration type and cost. Mahawk carpet provides tens and tens of millions of colours, fashions and finishes that will be the ideal floor covering for your home.

"THIS Rug IS SOFT!" Is what every homeowner likes to listen to.

"THAT CARPET IS SO SOFT!" Put in simple terms, there is no other floor covering finish that exceeds the heat and convenience of a carpet. This carpet is the perfect option for small children and is much more forgiving than any other tough finish. It keeps the carpet clean, of course. 100 percent OdourAct keeps your carpet cool.

If buried, naturally occurring enemies stimulate and neutralise odour-producing germs. Traditional detergents and scented carpet powder just conceal smells. The OdourAct removes odors due to frequent domestic spilled foods such as pets' milk produce, wines, juices and other organics. See how Richmond Senses Carpet & The OSPCA have teamed up to put OdourAct carpet technologies to the test!

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