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The colour of the carpet can vary greatly from room to room, with different lighting conditions throughout the day. Visualizing the color in a large space can be difficult if you start from a small pattern. The only plush carpet above all colours. Aged Tree Cool Breeze plush carpet color. You can find these colours in a shop and take a sample home with you.

Rug colours - Experience the extraordinary selection at Carpet Court!

When choosing the carpet as your floor covering, one of the most difficult choices will be the choice of color, just because there are so many. At Carpet Court, our kind and skilled personnel will help you select a carpet that you like and will want to be. Which carpet colors can I select from?

Whatever the fiber, fabric and styling of the carpet you are choosing, there are many color choices within your favorite carpet line. View the classical Affinity range of durable Twistflor rugs. Available in an unbelievable twelve different colors, Affinity ranges from the trendy shades of Grey Ember, Grey Tweed, Morpheus and Inkwell to the sleek and stylish shades of Alpacco, Drifting Dune and Wild Yukon.

The Coastal Hues structured woollen carpet line provides a relaxed, naturally styled home that suits your surroundings. Coastal Hues line features eleven delicious colors in a long lasting twisted carpet. For so many different rugs in different colors, the best way to limit your possibilities may be to visit our website as your first point of contact.

Browse through our vast selection of rugs in bright, mid and deep colours and consider which will fit your home or shop. Contact your local Carpet Court shop to make your ultimate selection. How should you choose a carpet color? Evaluating what a particular carpet color looks like and works in the room you are laying is necessary if you want to prevent disappointments.

When choosing the colours, you should consider, among other things, the frequency of pedestrian activity of small kids, athletic teens or craftsmen and whether you have domestic animals that are losing your coat. If you have a dark hound on a creme carpet, you could reach for the cleaner every day, while a naturally grounded clay could hide some of the dust and grime your young familiy brings with them.

A few carpet types and colors will cover your daily clothes better than others, so find the one that fits your familiy and your life style. is an important aspect, as rugs appear dim in a small, sinister room and appear pale in a large, pale or solar room.

When your rugs are exposed to bright daylight, a man-made carpet can provide enhanced durability against ultraviolet rays. As an alternative, if you prefer a woollen carpet, you should consider suitable sun-filtering blinds for these rooms to avoid damaging the environment. Flores also have an influence on the color.

If, for example, twisted pole yarns reflect natural lighting, they can give the effect of two different colours, while soft carpets produce a consistent image. Straps within a structured carpet also produce a bright and dim effect, which helps to cover off dusts and stains.

What will my new carpet color look like? Your Carpet Court specialist advisor at your Carpet Court Retail Centre can provide you with in-depth discussions and specialist information on light variation in carpet color, room sizes and types of fabric, so you can better understand what a particular carpet will look like in your home.

The use of our on-line visualizer can also help to see what a large area of carpet colors in a room might look like. Which carpet color suits my home? When choosing a carpet that matches the look of your home, it's not just the color that counts. Take a look at one of our best-selling rugs, the Premier Softseries.

Designed for trendy interiors, this long-lasting vinyl carpet is available in Uni, Plushy or Twin in twelve different colors. Consult with a Carpet Court advisor about the location, period and styling of your home to see which colors are best for you. How can I see the different carpet colors?

The Carpet Court shop in your area has an ample selection of carpet patterns that you can see and touch, making it easy for you to think about what your favourite colors will look like in your own home. To find your closest shop, use our on-line shop finder or call 1300 CARPET.

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