Carpet Cut to order

Cut carpet to order

Carpet remnants and carpets are in stock, which can be cut into any shape and size and whose edges are bound. A charming carpet that combines black and grey with precision and warmth. Carpets are completely bound with a double stitch on all four sides. Individual strands of wool stand straight up in a cut pile to create a smooth, soft feel. You can now buy authentic wool carpets cut to order.

Customer-specific orders

Carpets are cut from a 4 metre width and 30-60 metre length reel, and within this dimension we can cut the carpets into almost any form. Select the form from our collection or create your own style. The form is often determined by the arrangement of the furnishings or the form or ambience of the room.

Topics can be hobby, animal or touring. Shape cut carpets are best made from hairy carpets such as Elysee, Hattara, Tessa, Code, Satine and Romance. Carpets with edging are also available in customised forms, whereby the edging may limit the flatness of the carpet weft. Regarding our off-the-shelf size, our bespoke carpets are grouped into two groups according to whether they are cut from a squared or rectangle part.

Special dimensions are available up to a width of 4 meters. When ordering carpets in the PRODUCTS section, you can order customer-specific moulds. Simply type the form or dimension of the desired carpet into the drop down box.

Teppichwahlen | Tips for choosing the right carpet

Carpeting is one of the cheapest floor covering alternatives. It is usually given in running meters (1m long x 3.66m width) - the size of a roller of carpet. To ensure your product is of the highest possible standards, look for the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme's independently labelled product on the back of the specimen. You can be sure that all our rugs are extraordinarily long-lasting.

Best way to gauge shelf life is to look for an ACCS Residential Extra Heavy Duty Plus Stairs, 6 Star Grade designation on the back of all our rugs. Woollen and SDN rugs are durable, luxury under the feet and have dirt-repellent characteristics.

The cut carpet styles are unbelievably luxury, even the most beloved carpet styles in Australasia today. Some cut carpet styles show a footprint - usually referred to as following - according to the fiber grade, and plush styles can have durable shades, which you can learn more about in our carpet maintenance section.

If you have a cat that likes to scrape or scrape the ground, a carpet with a cut nap is the best choice. Strap rugs provide a variety of classy textures as well as styles that range from minimalistic looks to daring, one-of-a-kind patterning. Even though sling poles have no trace and shade like cut poles, they can still show transport pattern in areas of the house that are entered several times in the same area (e.g. corridors).

We are here to offer you the perfect carpet for your life style. There is an optional feature for each house, so we have developed a carpet selection tool to help you limit your searching. As soon as you have made up your mind which rugs you like, you can order your sample on-line and we will ship them to your home.

Just a short tip: After installation, your new carpet will usually appear about 20% easier than the specimen.

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