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Locate the best carpet shops in Melbourne and let your local dealer guide you through the process of buying carpets. You' ll have to buy from an honest and reputable carpet dealer! Please enter a postcode to find one of our preferred Stanton Gallery dealers. No matter if you have bought an oriental carpet or inherited a heirloom carpet, Milwaukee Rug Dealer, Robert H. Our flooring experts at Carpet One will help you find the perfect floor for your home or business.

Our mission is to make the best carpet possible.

Floor covering accessories & laying

Our employees, who have been in the store since 1972, have years of practical hands-on expertise and know-how not often found in the large domestic chains. There is a large selection of top floor coverings to suit every taste and every Budget, offering carpet, ceramics, wood, laminate, VCT, LVT and more. It can be a bit bewildering when it comes to deciding what kind of floor covering you need for your particular design.

We not only provide high-quality floor coverings such as carpets, hardwoods, laminates, vinyls and tiles, but also take care of the finishing and installation according to your wishes. There are many top makes in every kind of floor covering, so we make sure you get the right fitting. Not only do we make floor coverings, we also do individual designs such as walk-in shower, back panels and more!

As we are local property owners, we want to help you make the right choices in laying and laying your home floor and ensuring your happiness for years to come. The Chaz was a great help in the search for what best suits our budget. We strongly suggest these boys! Well, we had a floor covering laid in our lounge this weekend, you're fantastic.

Chaz, you and Andy were great company. Midway Carpet, and Chaz in particular. My recommendations for Midway Carpet and Chaz are unreserved! Andre was helping me choose the best option for the best ground in my house and got the work done first. Absolutely happy we went to that little city.

And Midway Carpet was so useful and kind. A five star rating...from the decision on the products to the final assembly - these boys are absolutely professionals. It was Chaz who was helping me make the right hardwood choice...the prices were keen and complete...the setup was fast and hassle free. Imagine 2 working nights for the install, but this team came in and did it in one workday!

Thank you Chaz! Mike was a little bit of a problem, we had problems with our floor covering and what worked best, but Mike came through and made it a piece of cake. We now have a floor covering that fits our new home and looks nice. We' re going back to see Mike in our next surfacing quest. Lucky with Midway carpet!

Buying carpets for my lounge and vinyls for my cooking. My recommendation for this firm is very high. Call us or fill out our enquiry and one of our carpet specialists will get back to you as soon as possible.

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