Carpet for Tiles

Tile carpets

We are dedicated to developing unique heterogeneous vinyl floors, LVT and carpet tiles for your project. At Amber Technology, we are a premier supplier of a broad selection of premium audio-visual entertainment solutions - both for professionals and consumers - that provide today's most immersive audio-visual experiences. At Amber Technology, we are a premier supplier of a broad selection of premium digital entertainment equipment - both for professionals and consumers - that delivers today's immersive visuals. Architecture loudspeaker solution. Whether in the courtyard, home theater, multiroom studio or much more, we offer a solution for almost any application.

Featuring everything from the Cinema Series home theater to the ThinLine overhead loudspeakers, Songance develops precise audioproducts that meet every need and add the right tone to every part of your world.

Sonnance makes high-performance loudspeakers that blend into communal rooms and flat surfaces so you can get the first-class tone you're used to. Have your tunes accompany you wherever you go. Songance feels that you should let yourself be enlivened by the experiences and listen to your score and movie soundtrack as if you were sitting in a theater full of pulsating sounds.

light management and building services. You can remotely enable, modify or supervise your home and home system from anywhere, so homeowners can minimise electricity consumption and reduce house CO2 emissions. Distribution Audiosystems. NuVo has been developing and delivering cutting edge entertainment software for over 80 years.

Today, NuVo still does everything it can to bring smart, built-in home sound within easy range of consumers. At NuVo, we believe that home sound should be inventive, clear, accessible and easy to use. Listen to your favourite tunes in the living room, living room, kitchen, bath or garden. Playing the same tune on all or personalizing each room separately with your own kind of soundtrack.

Amplifier such as NuVo's have been available for some considerable amount of now, but only for high-quality applications - with an excellent price-performance ratio. The NuVo believe that everyone has access to good old fashioned musical instruments and it is a must to have them in your home this way.

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