Carpet on Carpet

Rugs on Rugs

Here's why carpets should be laid on carpet in your home - parquet fans, that goes for you too! Putting a blanket on carpet used to be a living culture, not any more. The modern style, however, includes carpets on carpets as a bold choice of style. This is the most effective carpet upholstery for carpets, designed to fix carpets to carpets from wall to wall. At CRI, we offer our technical bulletins, testing methods, notifications and explanations to private and business customers.

Hints for using Area Rugs over carpeting

For a group of humans, ask the question: "Is it okay to put a carpet over a carpet?" and you will probably get a very different answer. Apart from the apparent reason - you rent the carpet or can't otherwise replace it, your carpet shows traces of use in areas you want to protect, etc. - do it if you want!

Now you can create a colour or surface effect in a way that does not need a complete room refurbishment. Below are some hints for choosing an area carpet to use over the carpet. To superimpose carpets over carpets, the keys are to change the structure of the carpet surface. As a rule, Area carpets are best used over shaggy or twisted carpets.

Similarly, if you have attached a more fluffy type of carpet, the choice of a flat barber or a weaved carpet is your best choice. It is not recommended to lay an area carpet over a very long shag carpet, such as a frisbee or a newer "soft carpet" (such as SmartStrand), as the area carpet does not have a strong hold and moves, deforms and creases.

The choice of colour for your area carpet is a fundamental tenet that holds true for most conditions. If the carpet is to be used over a carpet, the only distinction is to ensure that the colour of the carpet matches the colour of the carpet. They can lay down an area carpet because they cannot bear the colour of the available wall-to-wall carpet, as in a hire device, but trust us, it will look much nastier if you simply drop a carpet that collides with what is underneath.

When you have a simple widloom, you can use a carpet with a design. When your broadband has some kind of design, whether print or cut-and-loop, it is best to go with an area carpet that has no design. It is important when using a carpet over a carpet to ensure that the carpet is correctly secured to prevent it from binding together and becoming a trip hazard. Please note that the carpet should not be placed over a carpet.

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