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Carpet tiles' versatility and flexibility offers virtually unlimited possibilities without compromising style, quality and value. When renovating an older house, you can pull back the carpet to expose wooden planks and decide to expose this textured flooring. Georgie Carpet Industries - Karndean Luxury Design Vinyl Flooring.

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Archie Kennedy, Head of Product Development at National Group, says that one of the greatest benefits of floorboards is their ease of assembly. "Much of the fuss on the carpet pile floors around the world revolves around the new floor design they enable," he said. Laying planks is faster and simpler.

The reason for this is the greater area per panel with boards in comparison to conventional quadratic tiling, which means that less manipulation is necessary when laying. "Carpet flooring, especially in some of our straight line designs such as Candy Shop, Nocturnal, Light Speed or Long Grain, allows some special laying possibilities.

and Zenith Plan, and will also be offering a customized board facility for all our product ranges (minimum order volumes may apply). For more information, take a look at our flooring gallery or take a look at the flooring possibilities for one of our tiles on the detail pages.

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Infinite Swank - Planks! New proportions and new standards are brought to carpet tiles by our 25 cm x 1 metre thin planks, giving you new strength to produce new, vibrant carpet styles. Scaling and aligning the thin boards offers you an extended palette of creative possibilities. Build soils that better mirror the geometric and fluid properties of the environment.

You can use contrast thin boards to produce large format floor plans, give directions or work and activities areas. Boards or square, our floorboards all work together. They all work together in every possible way and offer you a carpet floor covering carpet designing stage with unprecedented possibilities. Would you like the advantages of carpet tiling without the appearance of carpet tiling?

Thin boards of the same color and design should be used, layed in a cuboid design. They fit neatly over the ground and offer you the advantages of Broadloom's uniform appearance and flexibility. Do you like the look of wooden floorboards? Do you think luxurious vinyls are breathtaking? Minnie O'Gara presents the thin boards of the Net Effect Collection.

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