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Carpets are a beautiful addition to any room with the ability to change the overall look. Messing - Marble - Shell - Books - Tableware - Fragrance - Carpets - Carpets - Tiles - Events - Gift Cards - Interiors & Architecture - Living - Business. Carpets, all decorative textiles that are normally made of a thick material and are usually used today as floor coverings. Keeping your carpets and rugs clean no matter how much traffic they endure! This guide simplifies carpet cleaning.


It is the equipment of your room that makes it come to live. A colorful carpet, a fleecy carpet for your fatigued legs, some country blinds to determine the atmosphere... There is no better way to put in a taste for home decorating that makes a home a home. Decorug has everything you need to give your home a little extra atmosphere.

Don't let the name fool you, we have not only rugs, but also floor coverings, rugs, roller blinds and pillows. Complex and complex, Iranian rugs, light and up-to-date design, minimalistic and trendy looks - there's a blanket for every style, taste and furnish. We even have children's rugs that turn the nursery into a funny place to linger.

Ranging from the country-style look of antiques to the more contemporary, glossy floor coverings, there is something for every taste and every home. As we know, everyone is different, with their own taste and style, and this is what is mirrored in our carpet assortment. There is something for everyone, from rugs made of polyamide to polyesters, coloured and coloured and polypropylene.

If you want something a little softer and more fleecy or a carpet with a little more strength, we have the right fitting for your home and look. All our rugs are manufactured in a variety of colors and finishes, so there is something for every home that suits your personal taste.

Sleek, refined and classy, CustoMade Plantation Shutters will give any home a nice look. Our business is all about making it easier for our clients, so we only buy the best for our shop. Cheap, funny and simple to blend and combine, we have a set of pillows in patterns ed and simple style that transform a dull sofa into something that shouts of refinement or tension.

DecoRug was founded as a small stand in Sydney's Paddy's Markets to make our assortment of funny, challenging and classy floor coverings and interiors accessible to everyone.

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