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Rugs for sale

Discover the extensive selection of carpets, rugs and room carpets available from ABC Carpet & Home. Refined hand-woven carpets.

The premium range of Persian carpets

Thousands of carpets to select from, all in high qualities, all affordably priced! The Red Carpet offers the biggest range of Melbourne carpets at the best price. You will find classical satin carpets, eastern carpets, classical and transition rugs, trendy and trendy rugs and much more.

No matter what your styling, no matter what your furnishing, you are guaranteed to find the carpet you are looking for without having to break the bench in Red Carpet. We not only carry a variety of fine rugs from around the globe, but also rugs in all shapes and sizes, from small scattered rugs and indoor carpets, large and large rugs and even a wide variety of inexpensive rugs in our Melbourne store.

The Red Carpet prides itself on offering only the best carpets at the best possible price. There is nothing more luxury and ageless than a classical Farsi carpet. A lavishly designed carpet from Persia or the Orient can give a room a sense of deepness and liveliness and provide beautiful contrast when combined with contemporary furnishings.

The Red Carpet offers an exquisite selection of the best handcrafted carpets from Melbourne. Only the best carpets are sourced from the Middle East, India, Nepal and other traditionally located places. Coming in a wide selection of colors, style and size, you are sure to find a carpet to fell in lov with.

Every one of our Persian carpets is hand-woven using the best indigenous fabrics such as woollen yarn, satin and stains. The Red Carpet has the best range of Persian carpets, sold at the best possible price in Melbourne. Please pay a call to our carpet shop in Richmond to see the full range.

Carpeting is something you will be enjoying and retaining forever every single and every single passing day, so you want to do your research and make wise choices. With The Red Carpet, we want to make sure you get the right carpet. This website shows one of the best collection of contemporary and perspective carpets in Australia.

Comprehensive information and high-resolution photographs are available for each item so you can make your selection. No matter whether you want to buy a luxury Peruvian satin carpet or one of the biggest selection of inexpensive carpets in Melbourne, Red Carpet has something for you.

In our carpet shop in Richmond you can personally visit our entire range. We have a competent staff who can make proposals and give detailed information about each carpet in our range. Part of our services is on-site consultation to help you find the right blanket for your room, furnishing or your budgeting.

You can also get a free home sample so you can see how the carpet fits into your home area. The Red Carpet offers the very best selection of rugs in Richmond, the widest selection of rugs in Melbourne and quite frankly the most exquisite selection of Silk Carpet in Persia.

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