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Alongside them, these three long-established, renowned brands offer planners and their customers an unrivalled range of carpet tiles to meet all possible design requirements. Particularly if you design a carpet made to measure, wall to wall is superior. A team of designers looks at current trends and what our customers want. Tiled floors can be designed in a variety of ways, including diagonal, straight and wicker. Find out more about our Top Tile Flooring Designs.

Well, the latest new line has taken this quite seriously.

Well, the latest new line has taken this quite seriously. This monitor range was designed with the clear and stylish styling of the designer himself in mind. Here we found the inspirations for the monitor line in the silence of expectation. However, these floorboards look so good that they can be selected with ease both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of acoustics.

Monitor carpet tiles are made of tough, 100% spun-dyed polyamide, snare pole and are available in eight designs; four carbon colours and four with colour pinstripes. Brettdesign allows the decorator to combine the flooring to make it a part of any retail area.

Utah's Spring for Mill Direct Wholesale Floor Coverings

Being smart when it comes to picking a new carpet is very important. That means you have to choose a carpet that can withstand your walking height, that suits the comforts of your room or house, and that fits in with your style and life style. Allow us to help you choose the carpet that best fits your needs and your budgets.

Our advice will help you choose the carpet that best suits your needs and specification. Luxurious vinyls tiles and planks in comparison to vinyls. The LVT is a luxurious vinylic look that has the look of rock or porcelain tiles or timber, with beautiful colours and textures that feel like the genuine LVT floor.

The LVT has become a very much loved floor covering choice. Luxury Vinyl Tile provides print technologies that give it a 3-D look that gives deepness, realistic look and longevity. Hard-wood floors move more towards troubled boards, which are boards in larger latitudes. Traditional timbers such as cherries, walnuts, teak wood and cherries are also used.

Even the blending of timber is becoming more and more common. Home owners can turn a home into a home, adhere to a household plan and get a cosy wooden look.

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