Carpet Tile Designs

Tile carpet designs

Discover Char-Bea Lane's board "Carpet Tile Pattern" on Pinterest. | Discover more about carpets, floor design and floor coverings. The modular carpet allows a tiled design, which makes it easy to create flexible spaces that can be adapted for different purposes. Rugs tile in North Bay, ON. Possibility to adapt the floor design to the smallest detail is popular with carpets, but you can also design the pattern on carpet tiles.


Using different colors and texts, you can build exciting and sensorial settings that adjust to different needs and foster teamwork. Do you need bright colors and different texts to add power to a room? Thanks to the module of the carpet, it is possible to make a tiled floor layout, which makes it possible to easily make rooms that can be adjusted for different use.

Easily customize your zone by just modifying the color or coloring. Available in different sizes and shapes of 50 x 50 cm square and 25 x 100 cm thin boards, our boards are conceived to fit together and are adaptable as your needs wither. By combining sample, surface and color choices from our matched range of products, the opportunities are limitless, in any desired size.

The concept design department can help you find the right ground for your needs.

Teppichfliesen: Unrivalled patterns and installation ideas

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Tile carpet designs

Carpet. It' s also available in so many different fibres, texts and colours and at Stradwicks Carpet One we have a wide selection. Carpets are a good option for rooms where you will spend a great deal of your precious attention. This is a good option for rooms where you just want to unwind.

Carpets are also a good option for small kids as they offer a comfortable finish in the event of a crash. While carpets are not resistant to humidity or unpleasant to spot, there are as many advanced improvements to carpets as spray coatings that are applied to carpet fibres to ward off dirt, spots and humidity, making your work much simpler!

Carpet tile is one of the most original kinds of carpet. Manufactured from carpet, carpet tile is what it sounds like: carpet fragments that are assembled into a ready made carpet. Now, the chilly thing about carpet tiles is that you can use the same designs that are so common for ceramic tile and end up with a totally unique bottom.

These are some of our favourite designs for carpet tiles: These designs take quadratic tile and turn it to the side! Each tile is then assembled in a Diagonale to produce a unique effect. It is ideal for any colour, but especially for brown or spotted tile that really brings out the line.

Easy and neat, this tile line consists of slabs in a bi-directional line and changing colours for each line. It can be classical in monochrome or strong in light or high-contrast colours. A staggered pattern is achieved by changing each series of carpet tile so that its edge is staggered, similar to a tile mural.

Would you like to learn more about carpet floor tiling or make your own designs? Stradwick's Carpet One is proud to service clients in the North Bay, Madawa and Sturgeon Falls areas.

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