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The Belgotex company is one of New Zealand's leading flooring distributors. Simple laying and replacement of carpet tiles has been known for decades. The Wade Distributors, Inc. in Mobile and Foley is the quality you expect and the service you deserve for your tiles and floor coverings. Porcelain tiles - Home carpet - Commercial carpet - Carpets & mats - Laminate flooring - Luxurious vinyl tiles - Vinyl slabs - Wood floors - Worktops.

Deer Carpet One Floor & Home offers the widest selection of floor coverings, tiles, wallpaper, blinds, room carpets, countertops, paints, hardwood, LVT and more.

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With our nationwide footprint in the industry and the diversity and quantity of carpet tile we use, we have the competence in this area. Teppichfliesen are normally favoured in the business markets, where large parts of the ground are laid within a tight timeframe.

The Asset Flooring Group has large storage locations in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, allowing us to store large quantities of carpet tile well in advance of the work. Decisive is the possibility of giving back old carpet tile for reuse, and the provision of the necessary storage space facilitates this considerably.


Tessera Inline, our latest series, provides modern style in a multi-piece Schlingenflor carpet tile. It allows a flexibility of layout to provide breathtaking, unmistakable interiors. Agora's new vinyls line is the perfect choice for simple renovations. The Extreme Protection polystyrene finish makes your floors easier to wash and more attractive.

The Novilon Modern Flooring is a board and tile range that offers a new approach to designing living space installations.

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Top leftside is the Australia distribution partner for the leading carpet brands Inter and Royal Thai and concentrates specifically on the styling and delivery of floor coverings for the Australia markets. Covering a broad array of manufacturing technology and aesthetic designs, the top right top line flexible floor covering portfolio comprises carpet modules, Axminster carpet modules (Modular Ax), carpet fabrics and handtufted carpet, carpeting (wool and nylon) and the EcoSoft® tile backing system.

EcoSoft® tile restraint system is manufactured by Carpets Inter and offers a comprehensive range of advantages, among them:


Our products are high-quality carpet tile, we create trend-setting products and we always want to provide inspiration. All over the globe, but with a sustainability stance. Our glittering new carpet tile range shines through your home with surprising twists and turns and lighting effects and is enticing at a single look. Explore fire, dusk, dawn, shine and sparks.

Let yourself be inspire by our hottest fashions, captivating designs, How To's, behind-the-scenes views and our research on wellness and wellness in the outdoors. Over the years, this has enabled us to create a sustained work flow that delivers environmentally sound goods.

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