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Join us today for the widest selection of carpet products or register for your Design Workbook -'s Design Workbook Logout. Tile & Carpet Town Carpet One offers carpets, hardwood, laminate, tiles, vinyl and more. Made by Madison Tile Carpet One offers the widest selection of ceramic tiles, hardwood, vinyl planks and LVT, carpet and room carpets and more. Please click here to see the many products our shop offers to learn more about us. Please click here to see the many products our shop offers to learn more about us.

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One Floor & Home Store carpet. With Oath by Resista - the impermeable carpet with a 10-year stain-free guarantee - and extremely high performance on hard-wood, luxurious PVC, tiles and more. The MCI is honoured to provide the Brainerd Lakes Area inhabitants with all their home interior and flooring needs.

MCI is your full -service provider for floor coverings and designs, whether you stay here all year round or whether you are at home here. The Brainerd Lakes is a singular area, some say like nowhere else, and so we handle your interiors architecture project. The MCI is your indoor and floor covering option.

You can rely on our know-how and our expert opinion for all your residential and floor coverings. Visit our Baxter Store to see how we can realize your dream. Carpet One difference.

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WILLING: WILLING TO BUY FOR CARPET MAKES? Carpets provide a hot, convenient base for any room in your home. Take a look at some of our most beloved carpet makes below to find out more about carpet tile and other available carpet types, functions and guarantees, and then head over to our store to find the right carpet make for your home.

With Core Elements it is effortless to find the right carpet for your company, with a basic purchasing system with a variety of colours and style, in both module tile and wide options . Learn more about the core elements carpet. Commercial Carpet provides a uniquely combined long-lasting service and easy-care look that has made it the flooring of choice for busy sites.

Learn more about the Gibraltar carpet. Hearth & Home?'s Carpet Collection represents true value and styling, offering a wide range of long life, low maintenance floor coverings in decorative colours and designs to suit every life and every age. Find out more about our stove & house carpet products. Carpet makes it simple for you to fulfil your decoration wishes and fulfil the life demands of your home with beautiful, long life and accessible floor coverings for every room.

Find out more about HomeCraft carpets. The Resista® carpet is ideal for today's busy family. There will be an accident, but this floor covering will repel fluids, make care simple and have breakthrough guarantee coverage so you don't have to be afraid. Look at Resista carpets. Resista rivals Resista in a winning blend of style and astonishing durability that tests all the speakers in a carpet.

The carpet is impermeable to water and made of high quality fibre. Featuring a 10-year warranty on no exceptions, this line increases your Ultimate Shelf Life! Find out more about Resista Carpet. The Tigressá® SoftStyle is the smoother, thicker carpet. Find out more about the Tigressá SoftSyle carpet. The Tigressá® H2O carpet is smooth, thick and verdant - and impermeable to water, pets and children!

Fluids do not penetrate, so they are easily cleaned, extremely long-lasting and quickly remove odours. You can find out more about the Tigressá H2O carpet here. The Spotlight Value Carpet is a go-to line for new home owners and those who want to quickly update their home. It is a comprehensive choice of the best qualities for floor coverings.

Read more about Spotlight Values Carpet. One of the most prestigious brands in the carpet business, Downs® provides unbelievable smoothness, stylish elegance and excellent spot resistance in a good looking, durable carpet. Find out more about Downs Carpet. With Design Distinctions Carpet you can design a room that is truly unique.

Breathtaking and powerful, this range offers the latest in colour, styling and structure. Find out more about Design Distinctions carpets. Featuring a range of uniquely Broadloom lifestyles that highlight pattern, shape and straight look, Your Personal CuTING www. your own design gives you the opportunity to produce customized area carpets from previous broadloom offers from brick to brick.

Find out more about Edge Cuts. Stainmaster® is one of the best-known brands in the field of floor coverings. It is a groundbreaking carpet that has become the benchmark for stylish, high performing carpets with outstanding spot durability. Find out more about Stainmaster carpets.

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