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Installing carpet tiles. The Desso range provides unique, innovative and functional carpets and carpet tiles for a variety of applications including workplace, healthcare, education, retail and more. ege carpet tiles are specially designed for use in modern office environments. When you need to replace the carpet in your office, business premises or other building where downtime costs you money, carpet tiles offer the ideal solution. Explore all the advantages of carpet tiles.

Explore our carpet tile collections for commercial and residential use.

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And there are many good reasons to choose carpet tiles 1 as your first option for high value flooring. Imports of carpet tiles and sales directly to the general public. Good. Have a look at our information page to learn more about the variety and benefits of carpet tiles. Don't miss our home movie to see how simple it is to lay carpet tiles yourself.

Ordering a pattern - It's simple..... Then you can verify which tiles fit your home or business, PLUS you can see our value and you know you are getting the BEST!

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So why should I select carpet tiles? Despite all this versatility, we are sure that you will find exactly what you need in our carpet tiles range, regardless of specifications and budgets. The Tessera range includes beautiful and durable carpet tufts that offer esthetic and performancerelated advantages. - All Tessera carpet tiles are made from 100% recycled materials (electricity & biogas) and our carpet tiles manufacturing facilities are certified to ISO 14001.

Comprising the three major series West Bond Colour, West Bond Flex and West Bond Natural, the West Bond range is a unique combination of the two... West Bond tiles are fused, a highly developed carpet manufacturing process in which custom thread piles are glued to the backing to create an ultra tight and luxury finished floor. Every bundle is unique and a high percentage of the thread is in the wearing layer, resulting in a nice, abundant, velourised carpet tiles that gives an outstanding wide outfit.

The Flotex is the only Flotex brand on the carpet industry that offers the attractiveness of a fabric combined with the convenience and hygiene of an elastic material. How can I use carpet tiles? Teppichfliesen are perfect for all kinds of education and business property and offer different esthetic and technical features according to the construction of the tiles.

Hot melt gluing is a highly developed carpet tiles manufacturing process in which custom Yarnflor is glued to the backing to produce an ultra tight and luxury finish. Once the look is complete, it is a gorgeous, sumptuous suede carpet tiles that offers a superb, wide look. West bond carpet tiles are perfect for boardroom floors, meetings with customers or to lend other traffic areas your creativity.

Electrostatic FlockElectrostatic FlockElectrostatic Flock is a peculiar manufacturing process in which loaded fibers of polyamide are bound in a self-adhesive carrier to produce a very tight (over 70 million fibers of polyamide per m²) and long-lasting flock. Flotex is a great choice for high frequency sites such as school, bar, kiosk and call center areas as it can handle heavy loads and wheelchair use.

The Flotex has also been Allergy UK certified. One way in which we can do this is by manufacturing tufting tiles manufactured in the UK with a recycling rate of over 50% (by weight) and successfully achieving GreenTag GreenRate Level A for all our Flotex tile range.

  • The challenge of how to make carpet tiles with tufts means that our Tessera tiles manufactured in the UK are now over 50% recyclable. - Using our unique ultrasound knives, we trim our carpet tiles, reducing the amount of scrap by 80% in comparison to conventional pressing processes. - Over £1 million has been spent on a new extrusion line to make sure that the little scrap we produce is reused in a new production process.
  • All our Westbond tiles have a recycling rate of at least 70% on the reverse side. - Flotex tiles contain 67% recycling and Flotex tiles contain 20% recycling. - Flotex is the only flaked Flooring that has been evaluated according to BREEAM and predominantly A/A+. That means that our carpet tiles manufacturing facilities are part of an efficient environment system and receive ISO 14001 accreditation.

The way it works - Our carpet tiles are fast and simple to wash with a system named Dry Fusion, which uses warmth, some mineral oil and naturally occurring cleaning agents. - Our innovatively randomly laid carpet tiles cut the installation effort to less than 2%. - Flotex will benefit people with allergies and has been awarded the seal of approval by allergy UK.

When cleaned, it emits twice as many Allergens as a conventional carpet.

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