Carpet Tiles Commercial use

Teppichfliesen Commercial use

How can I use carpet tiles? It is designed to withstand more abuse than normal. The modular carpet tiles fulfil a unique function for commercial use. It is designed to withstand more abuse than normal. If the traditional carpet is dyed or worn, you must replace the carpet throughout the room.

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No matter whether you choose a carpet that you place in an existing building, an old fashioned building, a college, a retail shop or perhaps a restaurant, there are a few things you need to consider. While there may be multiple floor coverings for these areas such as rigid floors and carpet tiles, these are not always the most convenient, cost-effective or secure choices for your workspace.

Employees may be left to stand on their barefoot for long or schoolchildren may be doing activity on the ground, so it makes good business to have a high grade and secure finish on which they will not stumble over sharp and lose tiles or slip on tough and damp finishes that are prone to scratching and need a lot of care.

Such things can lead to serious personal injury and lost production in the work place.

Vision's carpet tiles move fluently; the colors flow into a vibrant structure and a changing design.

Vision's carpet tiles move fluently; the colors flow into a vibrant structure and a changing design. Make your own creation with Vision's drifting color progression, available in 13 colors, from punkgreen and sour yellow to gasoline blue and chromatic. Take on Vision as a solist or combine the powerful and versatile collections with Motion... Enjoy the synchronism of duo pieces or take advantage of the variety of collective styles and add the effect of your own rhythms to rooms.

ECONYL® 100% 100% econyl 100% 100% econyl thread is made from recycled fish net and other wastes. Show all colors from our company in the design section of our website! Designed for tough use in industrial environments such as hotels, offices, multi-storey homes, educational, retailing and exhibition environments.

By the end of the lifetime, after being cleaned, carpet tiles can be reused in non-critical areas to prolong the life: Teppichfliesen can be used as backings for new carpet tiles in our backup2back programme CARE: Partner Modulyss®/Vanheede Environment Group, in which carpet tiles are transformed into alternative fuels to significantly lower CO2 emission.

Mineral resources are recovered from the carpet tiles and processed into feedstocks for the concrete manufacturing industries, which is 50% equivalent to the Modulyss® carpet tile cycle. LEEDProduct helps to fulfil LEED® credits 4.3. LEED® loan requests include the overall power of consumables, not the power of single branded product.

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