Carpet Tiles Office use

Teppichfliesen office use

Generally speaking, carpet tiles are becoming more environmentally friendly. Teppichfliesen are modern, practical and popular solutions for commercial floor coverings. Which advantages does the use of carpet tiles have in your premises? For use with wheelchair castors. We at Nouwens believe that carpets for your office play an important role in the overall picture of the room.

Carpets and carpet tiles for you

What can companies, government and government agencies do to maximise productive capacity and stimulate new innovation and creative activity? We are a business that has been providing floor coverings and service for more than 80 years and we know how much carpet can make a big difference. Our customers are our customers. Passionately, we develop rugs with the most effective colors, styles and finishes to help increase the efficiency and well-being of working professionals in industrial, government and government environments.

Our Cradle to Cradle Campaign also ensures that our product is eco-friendly, safer to use and safer to recycling, evaluated against Cradle to Cradle Campaign principles of good stewardship, good stewardship and respect for the environment. Equally important is that we are innovative and create new additional features that help to improve our overall well being.

This includes the DESSO AirMaster®, eight times1) more efficient at collecting and holding back particulate matter than rigid flooring, and the DESSO SoundMaster®, which enhances audio performance and acoustic performance. Taken together, our three pillar innovations (Creativity, Functionality and Cradle to Cradle®) deliver real value to companies or non-profit organizations that want to get the most out of their employees.

Studies show that Desso's commercially available carpet can provide a number of advantages: Reduce absence times and associated expenses; improve productiveness; improve well-being; engage staff by buying green credentials (coupled with a sustainable recycling vision); create the right audio to maximise cooperation and focus in the workspace.

1 ) On the basis of GUI test with DESSO AirMaster compared to regular PVC hard floors.

The First Stripes is a carpet tiles that sets a mark.

Stay at the top of the inner nutrient supply with first strips. As the name implies, First Stripes brings the strips to the peak. Available in 9 modern but ageless colours that range from light gray, browns and blues to strong reds, this low loops carpet tiles range is ideal for a wide range of applications. Initial strips are ideal for tough use in projects environments such as hospitality and office grounds, multi-storey apartments, educational, retailing and exhibition spaces.

At First Stripes we are GECA accredited for Green Star project. The size of the stardard tile is 50 x 50 cm. The installation option for First Stripes are single, tile and quadruple speed as shown above. NEUE FORMEN (available from a min. order quantity of 250 sqm) are 100cm x 100cm, 100cm x 50cm board and 100cm x 25cm board.

Installation possibilities for First Stripes New shapes you can see here to reach a new level of creative. By the end of the lifetime, after being cleaned, carpet tiles can be reused in non-critical areas to prolong the lifetime. Teppichfliesen can be used as backings for new carpet tiles in our backup2back-programme.

Partner Modulyss®/Vanheede Environment Group, in which carpet tiles are transformed into alternative fuels to significantly lower CO2 emission. Mineral resources are recovered from the carpet tiles and processed into materials for the concrete manufacturing industries, which is 50% equivalent to the Modulyss® carpet tile cycle. LEEDProduct helps to fulfil Credit 4.3 under LEED®.

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