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The design team wanted to create a series that would create a unique ambience in business premises. Carpet tiles for business and office that suit you. Large selection of variety and colours for office carpet tiles. Essence's complete range of carpet tiles is installed throughout Ireland by our experienced team.

Première carpet tiles programme

Fantastic new Premiere carpet tiles inylon. Our new Premire carpet tiles provide the Ultimate longevity and styling, giving the prestigious and classy look needed in any today's busy market. Premier carpet tile's smooth geometric shape and beautiful look give any pro environments a distinctive eye-catching look.

Premier Tile is also a good option for simple maintenance in home and home use. Prestiege carpet tiles are a superlative and cost-effective alternative for any kind of surface with our easy-lay-laying laying system. Why not design in advance for bigger scale tile designs.

Teppichfliesen | Yutaka | The Nolan Group

The Yutaka carpet tiles are a solution-dyed range of polyamide tiles that not only looks good, but stays that way. An up-to-date sample collection allows you to discover infinite opportunities where the only boundaries are your fantasy. Because of the restrictions of desktopscanners and the relatively inconsistent nature of monitor screens, the colors you see on your monitor may not always be an absolutely true representation of the real work.

Whilst we endeavour to make our colouring as precise as possible, the screens are for guidance only and should not be considered as completely true. To see a specimen of a specific item on our website, please refer to your nearest office.

Geelong carpet tiles - HMC floor coverings

At HMC Flororing we have carpet tiles stored in our Geelong stores in a range of colors and style. We' ve installed displays in a range of colors and lifestyles so you can actually see what it would look like by making sure you choose the right carpet tiles. Several of the carpet tiles of major producers that we have in storage, beginning with only 25 m2, include:

In Geelong, you cannot walk past carpet tiles for long-lasting floor coverings that are easily removed or replaced. Our DYY area also often has surplus or obsolete carpet tiles at strongly discounted rates. Please get in touch with HMC Flororing to find out more about our range of carpet tiles or take a look at our entire range of shop fittings.

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