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All Auckland carpet shops can be found here. Carpet Conoce más sobre World. Come and visit our showroom for carpets, hardwoods, tiles and laminate floors and let us help you find the perfect floor for your home or business. World Carpet Flooring Vinyl Flooring. Select from a vast selection of quality carpets to suit every style and budget.

Carpets - Bairnsdale East, Victoria

The Carpet World is a 100% Aussie based company. Various kinds of sling pole rugs are available. Beginning with stage queues, sisal, structured queues up to multi-level queues - each one creates an unmistakable look. Our products are hard-wearing and long-lasting. It uses a higher thread count so that the nap can lay in different direction for a more structured look.

The sisal is a sling pole carpet made with structured straps in a line. By varying the strap length, different pattern and texture can be created. At Carpet World we store sample products from all major manufacturers in the latest styles and colors below to give just a few of them. You can also make an office visit to present our assortment.

There is a large selection of Australia wood floors available from carrypetworld, offering a large selection of colors and textures for your floors. There is a large assortment of 4 meters thick vinyls, ideal for the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. The Carpet World shops are 100% Australiaowned and operated. The Carpet World are the main stockists of all the major carpet brands available on the contemporary markets. We also purchase carpets in the latest styles and colors from around the world so you can be sure you will see the action when you go to a Carpet World shop.

Woven collection

Influenced by some of the world's most popular fabrics, our new World Woven collection gives an unmistakable, handmade look to a variety of interiors in our Woven? collection. Stiles are a tribute to centuries-old woollen fabrics, from scotch teed to sarori handweaving. The nine different fashions interweave nodding together to create some of the most consistent design in our entire heritage - straightforward, sleek pattern that keeps us warmer and lifts our mood.

In the four key colors, the colors are reminiscent of plain wool with little contrasts. In addition to this kit, two color samples contain many shades that are mixed together to produce a lively handmade effect. Be it as a plain, unobtrusive backdrop or a combination to add variety and motion, World Woven offers you an exhilarating new world of choices.

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