Carpets and Rugs near me

Rugs and carpets near me

That dress make me look guilty? Exquisite handmade, individual carpets and rugs and rugs from wall to wall. Design carpets | Sales carpets In order to determine your shipping destination, please provide a current Australia local or post code. In order to determine your shipping destination, please provide a current Australia local or post code. Sorry, no results found, please type in a 4-digit Australia zip code or city.

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Coote Carpets & Floor Coverings

For over 50 years, John Coote Carpets has been a family-owned and run company that stands for professional service, the best product and post-sale follow-up. We have built the ultimate warehouse for all your floor coverings. Our good name is to buy the best product in large quantities, so we give you the benefits, the real benefits.

Carpets of high value are the ideal complement to a wooden or tile carpet, which can rotate efficiently..... Telephone consultation on floors and quotation "estimate".

Carpets in Sydney - Bijan Exclusive Carpets

His whole lifetime Bijan was immersed in these "masterpieces of outstanding craftsmanship, excellent designs, great craftsmanship, colour intensity and attention to detail". Bijan has been developing a real passion for the finest carpets, both old and new, since a very young age. Bijan has a long tradition of making carpets that are both contemporary and traditionally made. At Bijan we offer a comprehensive repair and renovation service for all our hand-knotted carpets.

The craftsmen of our company have many years of expertise in the restoration and restoration of traditional carpets, wall hangings, kilims and other top quality fabrics. Our services include repairs and rewrapping of your carpets, as well as this upgraded maintenance to keep them in top condition for years to come. When your carpets need some TLC, we provide free on-site consultation.

Bijan and his two siblings Amir and Ash, have over 70 years of expertise and know-how. If you buy a hand-made woollen blanket, not only do you choose an item of great aesthetic value to beautify your home or business, but you also buy part of a great heritage that goes back before the times captured.

Our customers are supported in every way, we collect the water-damaged carpets and rescue them immediately in order to help them choose the right carpet for the room and in case of damage.

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