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of your city - Ireland. Teppich: Maintenance and care - Various fabrics. It is Kildare's largest selection of luxurious, high quality carpets made from high density materials designed to last. The Donegal Carpets brand is a brand of handmade wool carpets manufactured in Killybegs, a town in County Donegal, Ireland. The most expensive two-bed houses in Ireland.

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Woollen carpets for you

We can help you find the right carpets or rugs, wood or vinyls to enrich your area. You can expect an interesting choice of colors, fashions and surfaces - and expert consultation. Our company cooperates with all important vendors in order to offer you the best brand names and the broadest assortment at the most competetive price.

We have an unsurpassed product line, so we can meet your needs: color, patterns, texture, whether it' naturally or artificially. In-depth consultation, with free measurement, estimation and tarpaulins - and expert installation by our own specialists. We are an Ireland based business and we are committed to our promise: we will deliver or exceed every competitively priced offer.

Our aim is to make you the best offer by reducing the guessing game in price and minimizing waste. We offer a free of charge design, measurement and estimation services.

Last weekend I purchased wood flooring from your Kilcoole store for a new loft extension that we just finished.

Last weekend I purchased wood from your Kilcoole store for a new loft extension that we just finished. We couldn't have found these boys more useful from the salesman to the demands we had! I would not hesistate to recommend it, and any other carpets or floor coverings we need will be the first port of call!

Satisfied with the products and services.


Looking for luxury and value for money for our clients, we have equipped generation after generation of family with the best carpets. You need to be clear about how your rug will be made, as the material mixture in the item you choose will influence its performances.

Blends of woollen and polyamide or polyesters increase the firmness and durability of the fabric, and high-density blends are wonders for a highly structured look. Regarding the long lasting fabric, we have a fabulous selection of styles equipped with the latest spot and fluid resistant technologies - perfect for a bustling single-family home - that will help avoid the destruction of your rug by debris or slush.

Look at the room you are entering and the cadence it gets, as it may be rewarding to choose the spot resistant for the corridor, staircase and lounge and all other bustling areas. Mention should be made of the fact that the additional support extends the service live of the fabric and enhances the level of foot comforts.

We have a diverse and trend-conscious range of wonderfully designed, neutrally textured and exquisite soft carpets in our warehouse, which are sure to match your tastes and harmonise with the general furnishings of your home. When you are embarrassed by a stylistic choice that suits your needs, take a look at our purchase policy or contact our expert staff at our Newbridge stores and take your time to explore our wide range of collections.

Note that our flooring department is only available in our Newbridge and New Ross branches.

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