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Convenient Mats & Carpets Online You will find ornamental mats and carpets to fit the interior of your bath, variable mats in different dimensions and non-slip mats for your showers... Use the filters to find out your favourite mats! In order to ensure that the mats and carpets fit you perfect, we are offering you a measurement guidance and a form guidance.

When you are not sure about the colour and materials of the mats and carpets, we provide colour samples. Also we have a shop for carpets and mats, don't miss it! They do not have to have a large budget for a comprehensive bath room refurbishment; easy upgrades of mats and carpets in your bath room can have a great effect on the general appearance and feeling of this much used but often neglected room.

Playing Mats & Carpets, Baby Game Mats Online, Baby Carpets Online

There' a whole bunch of things your little babys can do for you. But for most mom and dad, they can make the most of these memoirs by having the best infant chairs and accessoires they can find. It is a wonderful spectacle for any new parental to watch his little bunch of fun stretch and gamble on his playmats and carpets.

The innovative design of our playing mats helps your babys interactively with their environment and makes their playing time even more pleasant. It' s about locating the most beautiful and classy infant playmat that fits the game room. With our singular and child-friendly product range we help your babys body and mind to develop.

If you are looking for carpets for babies or playing mats for babies, you should also take a look at our other line of innovating toy. Our company has mats, carpets and various toy accessories from various producers of babies' products.

Carpets Queen

From all over the globe we are offering great carpets in all heights. Pride in having carpets from Australia's best importer companies and exclusives in stock. Our wide selection of different texts and fabrics, hand-picked with unrivalled properties, ensures that our clients get the best in regards to texture and appearance.

There is a wide selection of carpets that specialise in very large carpets and rugs. There is a wide choice and we ensure that we exceed any written quote. More than 30 years of real carpet making expertise make us the king of carpets! Our assortment is one of the biggest in Australia and we have the cheapest rates.

The King of Rugs offer large carpets from all over the globe in all heights. Specialized in very large carpets or rugs. Our assortment is one of the biggest in Australia and we have the cheapest price.

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