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Large format printing & sublimation press becomes cheap! Cattle breeding, stable farm sandblasting mat building. The rubber mat series offers a durable, strong and absorbent surface for various purposes. As an established importer of rubber mats and sheets, we are able to offer a wide range of products. In spite of their lack of "pomp", rubber mats are the modest, hard-working and inexpensive products that serve many industries.

exercise mats

At the moment your basket is empty. Gymnastic matting is a tried and tested solution! And we have UK agreements to supply this mat to many of the best fitness studios in the world. The 10 mm depth of its characteristics enables our meshes to withstand even the heavyest weight on a case-by-case basis. The shop... will be added to your basket. will be added to your wish lists.

Gummimattenrolle | Rubber floor mat rolls buy online

The rubber mat rolls are available in a thin or broad fin and are made of rubber.... Ideally suited for uses such as ground protection floors, utility or truck floors, or in the bottom of racks in toolboxes to keep costly tooling from traveling during transport.

Manufactured from 100% virgin rubber, this machine is available in three sizes (1000mm, 1200mm & 1800mm), 10m long rollers and can readily be slit with a sharpened industry-blade. Slightly structured on the back to help the mat grip the underlying area. The rubber mat rollers are simple to wash and can be cleaned by sweeping, spraying or wiping.

And because our rubber castors are incredibly fast and easy to assemble, our clients enjoy the added benefit and safety that the castor offers in the following applications: Available in three different sizes (1000mm, 1200mm and 1800mm), our mesh rollers are sure to have something to fit regardless of the width of your delivery truck, tool box, base or other area.

There is no need to wait long enough to wash your cars and tool boxes if you have coated their surfaces with our high grade rubber mat roller segments. Manufactured from 100% rubber purchased from the best materials in the world, our products are highly cleanable, long-lasting and non-slip.

Simple to clean - The rubber's naturally occurring finish allows our products to be sprayed or rinsed off without having to be removed from your car or tool box, allowing quick removal of debris and debris without any discomfort. Antislip mat roll - The work place can be hazardous, so it makes good economic sense for employers to do their best to minimise the number of injuries.

With our roller mesh, your staff can work on a sturdy, non-slip finish. We' ve redesigned our wheels to have a structured floor that ensures the wheels can grab onto a variety of substrates without slippage. Naturally grooved edges on the top of the pad also help to reduce the danger of slippage and stumbling, which is always a big plus for our clients.

Longevity - Our rubber foot matt roller solution is 100% rubber purchased from the best supplier in the whole wide range of the globe. MatTek understands that the use of the best possible ingredients ensures the longevity of our products, and that is why we make every effort to find the right partner to work with.

To find out more about our rubber mats roller solution, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our sales department today and we will be pleased to help you.

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