Clear Plastic car Mats

Transparent plastic car floor mats

A piece of car interior rubber clear car plastic carpet heavy duty weather protection mats. The clear vinyl loading mats and boot mats are also available for almost every vehicle. Transparent plastic floor mats are a cost-effective choice for protecting the floor of a house or car. Sticker Sticky Gel Pad Anti Slip Mat Car Handy Holder Transparent Anti. Clear Shop plastic floor mats for cars in India with free shipping & cash on delivery.

The client pays the down payments and sends us a bank voucher.

The client pays the down payments and sends us a bank voucher. Fewer than 100 sets: within 3 workingdays of receipt of funds. b. More than 100 sets: 5-10 workingdays after receipt of your money. GZ Sakura, as one of the major car parts manufacturers in China, trades with Co. 4. best prices and good qualities. Founded in Taiwan and China, we are a recognized leader in the supply of car parts and components.

Our prices are based on first class workmanship and excellent customer care.

Designer floor mats with springs

A spring-loaded bottom of these mats makes sure that the mats are fixed when laid over the works rug or mats. Have you got beautiful works mats, but want to keep them in perfect state? Transparent sprung mats protect your OEM mats from daily use. The springs underneath hold the mats in place, while the structured surfaces hold the legs in place when getting in and out.

You don't know which foot mats suit your car? No need to be worried, we take the estimate out by showing you only the styles that suit your car. Just type in your car choice and select from the available configurations. With the help of computer-aided design (CAD), we began to improve the quality of the manufacturing processes and extend our range of products to car coverings, seats and other car parts.

You can buy with confidence from simple returned goods, industry-leading guarantees and lifelong repairs. O-30 days: Send a returned item within 30 business day of shipment for a full refund* less postage. Before returning your products to us, please make sure you have a RGA number.

Send us a photo of the item with an indication of why you believe it does not conform to our standard, and we will either fix or substitute the item. A full reimbursement will be made if the complaint is made within 30 workingdays of delivery. The guarantee is voided if the item has been mutilated by accidents, fraud, abuse or any other improper use not attributable to any defect in materials or workmanship and does not extend to daily use.

Customer support after the guarantee period has expired. Costs vary depending on your specific model. They are not designed for long-term use without regular inspection and maintenance. Auto coverings are not designed for cars in vinyls (or other packaging). Seller's responsibility is restricted to the amount of the sale proceeds. Throughout this period we have worked hard to shorten our manufacturing times to produce the best cover for your car.

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