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Klick carpet tiles

European luxury tiles and floorboards for the living area in a wide range of colours and sizes. Mesh carpet tiles are a quick and easy flooring option that is ideal for exhibition stands, basements and more. To learn more about Innovia Xtreme Clean Carpet, click here. To change the Sample view, click your color selection. You can choose between carpet, modular carpet tile or elastic surfaces.

2.0 TOLI carpet tiles | The Nolan Group

TOLI's Nolan Carpet Tile Collection has set the standard even higher with the launch of several new product lines. Make your own impression with the unmistakable drawing line series "Sketch Patterns" or perhaps the classical resonance floorboard, which gives your floors a wooden look with the heat and advantages of a carpet.

From now on, a modern choice of designs is available for the beloved Katto series. The Katto Emboss offers you the possibility to customize your designs using hot stamping technologies. This is just a few of the most inspirational and varied carpet tiles available in Australia.

Teppichfliesen | Katto | The Nolan Group

Because of the restrictions of desktopscanners and the relatively inconsistent nature of monitor screens, the colors you see on your monitor may not always be an absolute representation of the real work. Whilst we endeavour to make our colouring as precise as possible, the screens are for guidance only and should not be considered as completely true.

To see a specimen of a specific item on our website, please refer to your nearest office.

Largemats Elevated Carpet Tile Snap Together Floor Covering 20 Pack Tans -

Return DATA TO ARETURN; }); Greatmat's elevated carpet tiles snapping together floor covering 20 pcs. package Tanz has a tough synthetic resin based propylene basis with a recycle carpet slab. These tiles are very easy to lay and offer a carpet finish perfect for cool basements, as well as office, entrance, utility, exhibition and events areas.

Available in grey or brown, this long-lasting, impermeable carpet tiles is made in the United States from recyclable materials. Every package of 20 tiles contains 10 tiles with vertically aligned tiles and 10 tiles with horizontally aligned tiles. Alternate the tiles to create a chessboard design. Carpet tiled Thismon, as the texture of the carpet will vary across the barrel, a changing alignment is the prefered laying technique.

To install tiles, just place the tile's tongue section over the strap section of the tiles, level it and carefully tread on the tiles to join the tiles together. Ensure that all tiles point the straps in the same way. As our double carpet tiles snapped together without glue, this carpet can be dismantled and laid if required, making it the perfect choice for exhibitions or specialist care.

Also available is our option of click pad and pad corners to create a ready to use corrugated pad in doors or islands. Every panel is 12-1/8 x 12-1/8 x 12-1/8 x 9/16 inches high. Every 20 pcs package offers a cover of 20.

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