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Swoosh and black lines CM C M Letter Logo Design. Contemporary creative zebra lines letters vector logo. Web design, print design, branding, logo design, illustrations and infographics portfolio. If you want your website, logo and marketing materials to speak for you, it is important that you choose a designer who knows the language. Embossed logo by Jonas Söder.

Looking for a new logo for CM

Keller910777 needed a new logo design and developed a competition on 1999design. There were 145 entries from 33 free-lance design professionals and one winning entry was chosen. Its design was much better than all the others and::consumed was simple to use, it came to the point where we had to fine-tune the design and the data format.

With ::consumed I would work again for designjects. We are very pleased with our new logo. The Ryangreg design has made us very enthusiastic! Responding well to our feed-back, he did exactly what we were looking for. This is the United Methodist Church. Wir sind das Connectional Ministries Office der South Georgia Conference der United Methodist Church.

The Connectional Ministries program is focused on providing and linking resources to communities. We have about 650 church within our meeting. South Georgia Conferences website: There is a shortcut to Connectional Ministries at Let us concentrate on the "CM", so that it can be used alone if necessary, but also has the words Connectional Ministries in the logo.

This is not necessary for our logo.

Logo CM Design

Focus your efforts on consciousness and individual growth/development. Targeted at adult learners who need to be motivated and inspired. The logo should be sleek. So to all designer, please do your thing, do not look at other posts, I have confidence in all. I' ll give my feed back on all the posts.

Looking for a new logo for the CM Group

A winner was chosen from 389 designs from 389 designs by 92 designers. iMvelo Data is the name of the firm, iMvelo refers to the origin or development of something. As a computer / I.T. supporting enterprise we help private customers and small companies with problems with their workstations. The title of the games will be Phoenix Dynasty... bblfsh (aka. Babelfish) is an OpenSource source that translates different languages of coding into a single uniform texture.....

Cliniko is developing additional web apps for the Cliniko on-line practice manager system ( With our application... our apps... digitally based merchandising, signage, SEO, web design.... Here is still room for your logo design competition. Originally we began as programmers, but today we mainly provide IT solutions, networking, etc. Cryptographic monetary prospecting and mine site operations management-services.....

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