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The Coco-Mat Hotel Nafsika is located in the Athens district of Kifisia and is ideal for fun and relaxation. South Africa, Cape Town, Western Cape. An exclusive addition to the Design Hotels at the beginning of this year, COCO-MAT Eco Residences Serifos offers an ideal debt-free holiday on the Greek islands. Coconut + mat. Noun[edit].

cocomat (several cocomats).

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March 2014 we announce that we have become an investors in COCO-MAT, the prominent producer of special purpose mats, other living room sleeping equipment and furnishing in Greece. COCO-MAT was founded in 1989 and is a market leaders in bedding materials (mattresses, bedding, cushions and sheets ) as well as home and hotel furnishing and decor.

One of the leading players in the fast-growing ecological bed linen market." It operates in the high-end segment of the adult care segment and occupies a leading position in the fast-growing "eco-bed" area. The COCO-MAT bed follows a very long-lasting production cycle that consists of several coats of naturally occurring material and optimally supports the entire organism without the use of inorganic substances such as metallic feathers.

Coco-Mat Hotel Nafsika in Athens + Best Prices + Ratings!

Nafsika Coco-Mat is situated in the Kifisia district of Athens and is perfect for having a good time and relaxing. Just 32 km away, this 3-star hostel is within easy reach of the main station. Tourists of the hotels can visit the most important sights of the city: Accommodation and service at the Coco-Mat Nafsika ensures a comfortable holiday for you.

Free Wi-Fi in all rooms, handicapped guest rooms, baggage deposit, Wi-Fi in communal areas, parking to provide maximum convenience for our clients. During your visit you will enjoy high-quality room furnishings. In some rooms there is a TV with LCD/Plasma display, free Wi-Fi connection, Jacuzzi bath, A/C, central heat, which makes it easier for our clients to charge after a long bath.

In addition, the hotel's wide range of leisure activities will ensure that you have a lot to do during your sojourn. Nafsika Coco-Mat is a good destination for travellers to Athens and offers a relaxing and trouble-free holiday every year.

The New York Times - Coco-Mat opens in SoHo

New York has a whole bunch of bed shops for a town that doesn't go to bed. Coco-Mat, the latest, will open on Thursday in SoHo, on an area of 5,650 square meters in Mercer Street. Established in 1989, the business has 60 branches in 11 different nationalities. "Humans have only been sleeping on feathers for about 50 years," says Paul Elfmorfidis, Coco-Mat' s founding father.

"Humankind was sleeping on non-metal bedding a thousand years ago." 431-2626 (212) Coco-Mat, 49 Mercer Street (Grand Street),

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