Coconut Doormats

Doormats made of coconut

Our company specialises in simple coconut mats and has a wide range of sizes and custom-made products. High-quality, densely woven coconut fabric (coconut fibre) ensures that these simple coconut mats last for a long time. Watch how coconut floor mats are the environmentally friendly and durable choice for your front door. This Bordeaux coconut floor mat is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Manufactured from pure natural coconut fibre, which is an excellent dirt trap.

Coir Mats

Also known as coconut doormats, coconut doormats are one of the oldest kinds of doormats. Standard vinyl-coated coconut doormats are available in various strengths and have coconut fibres that act as a coverbush. There are also coconut matting for the living area available in different versions.

Coconut fibres are interwoven in these home floor matting instead of being imbedded in a synthetic backing. As a result, soil and humidity can penetrate. Kokosmatten and Kokosmatten cleaning aggressive footwear and boot in any industrial or private area. - Long-lasting coconut fibre shells scratch off grime and deposits.

  • Skin finish keeps debris and humidity under the matt finish. - Woven coconut fibres containing all the debris and debris that falls through the blanket. - Ideal for light transport, living areas indoors and outdoors.

Doormats made of coconut - Long-lasting, long-lasting entrance mat

Exterior coconut matting is a natural, brushy, dark-coloured coconut floor matting made from the outside shell of the natural crop without the use of aggressive chemical substances. This coconut shell will withstand extremely severe climatic environments by preserving the inside mellow fruits and providing a robust texture for your front doormat. They can also see all the coir nuts piling up after soaking.

Since you know how well the sensitive fruits remain inside, you can easily see how robust wiping pads made of coconut fibre really are - and how humidity-proof they are! In order to produce mouldable coconut fibres (also called coconut fibres), the shells are steeped until they are sufficiently softened to be remove. Then the fibre is extract with vigorous beats, which are usually performed by manual.

In the same way as they resist hard solar light, high temperature and torrential rainfall to keep the soft coconut inside, the natural tenacity of coconut fibres ensures shelf life even in a coconut mats. In the same way that the shell of the coconut shell keeps the coconut tree protected from all kinds of extremely wet conditions, coconut floor mats are the perfect all-weather mats for any doors.

They are not only waterproof, but can also resist deluge-like rainfall without turning their rich golden-brown colour - or any other colour they may have - into fade under strong solar radiation. Exterior coconut matting can resist rough climatic exposure more than any other floor mat on the available shelves. Kokosmatten are made of 100% coconut matting material.

It is an environmentally safe entrance pad as it is made from a completely degradable resource and most of the work involved in converting the shells into matting fibres is done by hand. Therefore, it is a very environmentally sound product. A coconut matt, which is mainly used outside, has a naturally shaving ability. The coconut pads can be beaten by slimy ankle boobs, snow-covered footwear and rain-soaked trainers.

Coconut fibres from a coconut main entrance doormat jump back into form even after prolonged use and only need to be brushed occasionally. Wetting coconut matting outdoors with clean drinking fountain solution is also a good way to prolong its service life. You' ll never have to be concerned about the development of moulds or moulds with a coconut matt, just as you won't have to be concerned about inadvertent falls.

Kokosmatten increases the security precautions at potentially dangerous entries; they provide very secure, strippable matting.

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