Coconut Fiber Doormat

Doormat made of coconut fibre

Give your decor a trendy touch with the lively new Swallows Tattoo doormat from Entryways. Instant view - Natural rubber doormat with forest fox. It is made of the highest quality natural coconut fibre. Manufactured from environmentally friendly coconut fibre in PVC backs, these coconut fibres are obtained from natural shells of the coconut. Entranceways is the leading manufacturer of floor mats made of natural rubber, non-slip and recycled rubber.


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Cleaning a coconut mat

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Coconut Natural Mats

If you think of the coconut, often imaginative pictures come to your minds. Usually folks think about having coconut sandwiches or drinking some coconut soda while they relax on the beaches. There is a tendency to ignore the fact that coir nuts, especially their fibre shells, can be used as a raw material in the manufacture of domestic goods.

The coconut mat line is ideal for maintaining the safety and cleanliness of your living or business premises. Coconut fibre floor mat is better suited to withstand environment influences such as excessive humidity and ultraviolet radiation. Even more important, a coconut fibre floor mat is ideal for removing shoe grime and to prevent deposits from getting inside.

coconut blankets are a great mat choice for entrance areas! For coconut fibre blankets, the reference is in the name as they are made from coconut fibres. Coconut fibre has been used since antiquity. Coconut fibre is the fibre obtained from the shells of a coconut and is powerful and long-lasting.

It has its origins in southern India and Sri Lanka, where there is an excess of the coconut, long before it was used in coconut matting. Municipal harvesting machines use naturally occurring methods and technologies handed down from generations to generations to extract coconut fibres from coconut shells. It is mentioned in historic documents that coconut fibres are often used as rope for vessels and other building work.

Nowadays we use coconut fibre to offer our clients a naturally made doormat. Much of these coconut matting is also handmade, exactly where the coconut itself is sourced. Coconut fibre production and harvest is truly a collaborative effort. What is great about coconut floor matting is that it is biological and environmentally-sound.

Kokosmatten are perfectly for the environmentally aware consumers, who want to decrease their entire ecological carbon footprint. The coconut mat is the ideal solution for the environmentally aware consumers. A coconut fibre floor mat causes only minimum, non-biodegradable wastes. Directly beneficial to you, coconut matting is more cost effective than its artificial counterpart. Kokosmatten help you to safe your investment and at the same place help to decrease your pollution.

It is the main purpose of coconut floor matting to keep the interiors of your house tidy. Thanks to the thick and coarse coconut fibre of the pad you can do this. On coconut flooring, the fibres on the surfaces do a good job to reach the hard-to-reach places in the sole of the shoe.

They then hold the dirt in their fibres. In this way, coconut matting can keep outdoor deposits away fromdoors. Coconut fibre entry matting is designed for outdoor use. Coconut fibre is a naturally occurring fibre that does not contain any synthetical or physical characteristics. The Coco floor matting is more sustainable when exposed to excessive humidity and longer periods of ultraviolet radiation.

Briefly, the intensive shelf life and long life of coconut fibre means that a coconut fibre doormat can work both externally and internally (i.e. very well). Coconut floor coverings are not degraded and disintegrate like many other material even under rough weathers. For many mat product types, ultraviolet radiation represents a very serious hazard - but not for coconut matting.

But that is nothing to worry about for coconut matting. The coconut grows in bright surroundings. This means that these coconut matting can withstand longer periods of solar radiation without damaging the coconut fibres. Kokosmatten are also designed in such a way that they can easily absorb damp. Kokosmatten do not have these troubles, because the coconut fibre takes up the liquid and dry it.

In this way, the risk of damages caused by damp on the surfaces of coconut fibre floor mats is eliminated. If you place a floor mat outside your home, you can keep the legs of your relatives and guests from running into sources of damp. A coconut fiber floor mat can store humidity at the doors even when it is raining outdoors.

The Coco floor mat can be available in a wide range of different designs. Our aim is to ensure that we provide different kinds of coconut matting so that you get a mat that suits your esthetic tastes. Others floor matting can be crossed by a steel skeleton so that they have a certain design. Some coconut matting comes in pet moulds, which can have even better abrasion resistance due to their mould.

Others coconut matting can be decorated with images or message. Several coconut floor matting is known to have a strong base, usually made of PVC, to help the floor covering remain strong on the substrate on which it is placed. Different kinds of coconut matting are intended to offer the consumer a large choice of esthetic possibilities.

Whatever your choice of floor mats, it can allow you to bring an appealing look and a little bit of character to your front door. Whilst the aesthetics of a coconut matt is a plus point, the most important thing to keep in mind is that each matt continues to provide excellent environmentally sound coconut protective film.

Kokosmatten have a long story as useful. Coconut fibre's properties make it the ideal naturally occurring doormat for your private or business entrances. Kokosmatten combines affordable with permanent and long-lasting shelter against various kinds of external factors, from harmful deposits to dangerous damp. Have you ever felt a coconut shell, you know by nature how hard and resistant they are.

The same resistance and dependability is of course also transferred to the coconut matting from the shell. You can leave a good coconut fibre floor mat outside for a longer period of inclement days in inclement conditions. They come in a variety of different lifestyles, from rugged, wire-reinforced coconut designs to strong and beautiful hand drawn designs and message.

Every dirt-repellent coconut fibre floor mat offers an intelligent and cost-effective way to keep your rooms beautiful and neat.

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