Coconut Fiber Mat

coir mat

Mechanical process to produce this mat ensures uniformity and less fiber loss. Make your entrance feel inviting by laying this hand-woven coconut fibre door mat for the entrance area. The company provides a range of products including Coconut By Product, Coir Mat, Coir Pot and more. This mat protects plants and pots from frost damage. A unique, natural mat ideal for recessed wells and entrances.

Products and suppliers:

Information about our customers and suppliers: Approximately 61% of them are mats, 7% are other fibres and 6% are other agricultural produce. Many coconut fibre mat choices are available, such as doors, bars and bathrooms. Whether coconut fibre mat is made of gum, 100% Bambusfaser or PVC.

We have 5,044 coconut fibre mat manufacturers, mainly based in Asia. China (mainland), India and Vietnam are the main supplier nations, accounting for 45%, 40% and 11% respectively of coconut fibre mats. Coir matting is the most widely used in Western Europe, North America and the Middle East. Safeguard your company's future by choosing from 3,299 with others, 419 with ISO9001, and 423 with BSCI certifications.

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It' good for everything: With our PDF vouchers you can select from the complete manufactory assortment. When selecting our products, we are guided by the principle of repairability, a long lifespan as well as resource-saving and social responsibility in our manufacturing processes. Please contact our competent and kind employees to learn more about our products.

Kokosmatte and coconut shell

We are a provider of a variety of services such as Coconut By Produkt, Coir Mat, Coir Pot and many more. We offer a broad variety of coconut peat discs, coconut fibre briquettes, coconut fibre bags, coconut peat bags and 650 gram briquettes. Chennai's premier manufacturer of bristle dietary fibres, crimped coconut fibres, coconut fibres, cut fibres and coconut mats.

Coir Husk Chips Block, Coconut Husk Chips, Husk Chips and Coir Husk Chips from Chennai, India. Coconut medium, coconut peat block as growth medium, greenhouse bags, coconut coirpith and coconut kernel from Chennai. We offer a broad variety of coconut fibres for cords, coconut peat slabs, marrow, coconut peat and coconut peat source.

We offer a broad palette of coconut fabrics, coconut nets, geotextiles, coconut mats and coconut stems.

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