Coir Entrance Matting

Coconut fibre entrance mat

The Bardwell coconut mat is perfect for areas that have a recess or mat shaft. Coconut fibre, dirt wiper, entrance mat. The coconut fibre cleaning mat absorbs moisture and scratches off dirt. Entrance mats are ideal for use in light commercial areas with low traffic volumes. Correct.

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Coconut mat - Bardwell safety mat

Coloured coconut fibers make Coloured Coir an environmentally sound and environmentally responsible material and create a distinctive metropolitan look. Colored coconut matt is efficient as a shave mats and has a good soil repellency. Coconut mats keep the interior of your home tidy and are most efficient for areas that have small rocks, gravel, pine tree crust and bulk parts of deposits around the entrance.

The Coloured Coir consists of coloured coconut fibers and is an environmentally sound material.

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Kokosmatte is environment conscious and is ideally suitable for entrance areas and niche areas. Kokosmatten consist of 100% naturally coir fibres, which remove soil and deposits from footwear. Kokosmatte is PVC-laminated for a more appealing look. Experience it up person with our individual mat.

Sometimes we realize that you need to move and move our pads before you make a choice. Gladly we send you patterns and patterns to help you on your way to choosing the right matt for your use.

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Unless you collect the debris at the entrance, it will find its way to the first smooth area. Door mats are indispensable in Australia. However, the remainder of the globe is laughing at the normal Australia mat - inexpensive, but hardly larger than a tissue. Since many years we hear about more steps you take on a mat, the less soil you remove on your nice carpet.

Unexpected, unexpected, we only offer high-quality large floor and entry floor matting. Rugged brush coir entrance matting with PVC backing (see picture above) can be trimmed to any form and dimension. Meaning is the handicraft of working knots, which has been practiced by seamen for hundreds of years. Today, you will find these meshes in many landmarked houses and edifices........

Floor mats made of robust coconut fabric that can stand up to Australia's tough test of time.

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