Coir Fiber Doormat

Doormat made of coconut fibre

When you are looking for a doormat for your entrances, this protected coconut fiber doormat has been specially developed for this purpose. Bungalow Design SuperScraper Coconut Fibre Monogrammed Doormat. Bestseller. Where's the wine? Coconut floor mat.

Manufactured from purely natural coconut fibres, which are an excellent dirt trap. The beautifully designed, hand-woven doormat will enrich your entrance area or terrace.

Ten simple pieces: Coconut Basic Doormats

I' ve always looked up to a well-thought-out doormat. Let us take the inlaid entrance mat in Remodelista's Francesca Connolly's Brooklyn home, as shown here, for example. Another is the tailor-made carpet in the New York shop La Garçonne by the architects Solveig Fernlund. An old reference point - the coir fibre blanket - is used in both cases in an interesting way.

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18x30 DII natural fibre door mat with non-slip back - For the birds CAMZ34082 best christmas present

Colour: DII floor mats are available in a wide range of sweet and colourful designs; you'll be able to find one that's just right for your home all year round or exchange for a seasonally designed home. The 18 x 30 in. doormat is made of high-strength PET and is suitable for rough use.

Last thing you want your doormat to do when your boot's sloppy is to rest under you. The doormat stays in place and absorbs sludge from your boot. The doormat can resist extremely high and low temperatures and stays in place under all circumstances.

Featuring an 18 x 30 in., 100% coir nut coir fibre floor mat with a face of virgin fibre, this is the ideal finish for your guest to clean their footwear before they enter your home. In order to see our full range of floor mats for indoors and outdoors, look for the appropriate options: Inside/// Our indoor//outer mats contain:

A coconut floor mat?

Coir? Kokosfaser is a fiber in the external shell of a Kokosnuss. When you like the appearance and durability of virgin fibres, you should consider coir when buying mats. A lot of coir floor mats are machine-made and amazingly thin - half an inches thick, sometimes less. Well, that's not our coir, not by a long shot.

Our floor mats are the best coconut mats because they are a whole foot thick to remain transplanted. The shells are removed from the walnut and then matured in a lagoon. The fibres are removed from the shell and graded. Then they are woven into coconut thread by skilled craftsmen - a centuries-old technology.

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