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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you with all your floor mat requirements. Coconut mats and coconut mats are perhaps the most ubiquitous door mats for private and commercial use. Door mats are durable and help keep your floors and carpets clean for longer. The Coir Matting consists of stiff coconut fibres which are joined together in a thick vinyl backing. Thanks to the immense experience and a competent team of experts, we are able to offer coconut mat rolls for serious customers.

In antiquity used to make rope, you know that coconut fiber is hard!

In antiquity used to make rope, you know that coir fiber is hard! Manufactured from the shells of coconuts, this mat has been used for almost 100 years. The coco 17 mm, 24 mm and 30 mm deep are an appealing entry look that is ideally suited for entrances with high public flow. This mat has a plain vinyl-PVC back, in which the coir fibers are incorporated.

The mat gives each door a rustic look and can be slit from a 2 meter reel into any desired form and sizing.

Outdoor coconut mat 40 x 60cm

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Manufactured from virgin fibre, coconut fibre is a rough and rough fibre that is ideal for removing strong soiling, grime and even silt.

coconut mats

Our company is proud to be able to provide you with the widest range of high grade coconut and coconut matting, personalised coconut matting, coconut print mat design, coconut welcome matting, coconut coated coconut matting, resistance matting and coconut matting supplies. Thank you for giving us the chance to help you with all your doormat requirements.

For immediate help, please consult one of our floor mat specialist. Coir matting is made of coir fibres and bonded with a hard-wearing vinylic backing. Regardless of thicknesses, all coir matting scratches aggressive dirt and sludge. Hard-wearing coir fibres for brushing and wiping off boots. Available in vinyl-coated matting, blanks and rollers.

It is available in 7 colours and 5 thickness. These are coconut wood coconut doors and are available in a range of different designs, thickness and size to suit any frontdoor. The coconut matting scrapes off dust and deposits and lets pass rain and ice.

Besides rubber/coconut matting, coconut matting, coconut matting, coconut matting, coconut matting, coconut printing and personalised home entrance matting, various strengths and forms are available. Logos are an ideal way to improve your company's corporate identity and your brands in order to win and keep clients. Individually designed coconut matting transfers your emblem and simultaneously cleans the footwear as humans pass through it.

All coconut matting contains environmentally compatible coconut fibre. Flaked coconut matting and coconut matting inlays available. Alternative Brush Matting is a robust fibre -coconut fibre matting which, due to its efficiency in the removal of dust, deposits and humidity, is perfectly suited for use in busy places and will withstand the toughest environments without losing or colour.

Available in 8 colours. Vinyl-coated coir matting and rolls consist of rigid and elastic coir fibres that serve as a scrubbing brush on the sole of the shoe. They can be embedded in the floor or used to conceal long passages and can even be trimmed to length if required.

Kokosmatten are manufactured in a wide range of colours, which differ from the normal colour of nature, amber. Though the most common coconut colours, especially for higher transport applications, are wood coal (black), gray and bronze, we also provide three other coconut mat colours, among them white, orange and orange. The coconut mat can be tailored to any desired form and sizing.

Our coloured coconut matting is available in a thickness of 3/4".

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