Coir front door Mats

Door mats made of coconut fibre

Custom Text Door Mat, Custom Family Name Door Carpet, Custom Coconut Mats, Personalized Mats, Outdoor Mats, Christmas Gifts, Vacation. Browse the website for the best quality coconut mats handmade by experienced craftsmen in our UK workshops. The Beattie floor mat is made of high quality coconut fibre and rubber. Personalise your veranda or patio with this elegant doormat by presenting scrolling openwork details and a monogrammed coconut centre. These beautifully shaped coconut mats cleverly combine function and creativity.

18x30" DII natural food fibre entrance area Outer door mat with non-slip rear side

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Coconut mats - Durable coconut mats Doormats

Kokosmatten are made of Kokosfaser, the originally, durable substantial which is used for years for the production of long-lived floor mats for enterprises and private individuals. Manufactured by experienced artisans in our UK workshops, our coir floor mats are handmade and of the highest standard of craftsmanship. All our coir mats (backed with fleece) have a hand-sewn braided border, which gives a very nice finishing, but also makes sure that the mats are worn very well and do not get frayed on the hems.

There is also a full line of PVC laminated coconut mats available, from Budget Grade to Superior Grade to High Grade Commercial, which are the most robust and high grade coconut mats on the UK topping. Please feel free to browse our Coir Floor Mats fact sheet for more information.


Some of our favourite coir mats such as White Polka Dots and Bonjour Cocko Mat have been introduced in prestigious journals such as HGTV Magazine and Southern Living. It is made from coir fibers obtained from the external shell of the coir, which makes it a naturally and ecologically sound mats. Kokosmatten are relatively watertight and one of the few nature fibers, which are against degradation by salt waters resistent.

Because this coconut fiber is known for its longevity, versatility and ability to absorb humidity, our coconut mats are tougher and more long-lasting than any other floor mat on the shelves. Door mats are also very efficient at absorbing dust, earth and sludge directly in front of the front door. The coconut mats are weatherproof and consist of lightfast colours.

So much do our customers like our coconut mats that we have coconut mats in our individual doormats.

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