Coir Logo Mats

Coconut Fibre Logo Mats

There is now a way to make a logo out of it! The Coir Logo Mats have long since established themselves as proven bestsellers. We use only the best coconut fibres of the highest quality and manufacture logo mats with PVC backing to order. PVC laminated coconut fibre available for recessed mats or as loosely laid coconut mats. The Coco Coir Custom Logo Matting is ideal for recessed wells and entrances.

Coconut logo Inlay Mat | Identity affairs

Coir Logo Inlay Mat is made from 100% virgin coir fibres that remove shoe dust and deposits. Coir Logo Inlay Mat is designed to be environmental and is ideal for entrances and niches. Rand: Cross section: 1 To get the trial up and running quickly, please send your logo in a binary form by e-mail.

We prefer Adobe Illustrator video file formats such as .ai or aps. Texts and icons must be at least 50 mm high and 10 mm thick. Any outline shall be at least 10 mm long. Experience it up person with our individual mats. Sometimes we realize that you need to move and move our mats before you make a choice.

Logo-mat - coconut design

Coir Design is an excellent personalised entry matt for high frequented areas, either indoors or outdoors. Perfect for installation, this can also be trimmed with a high load edge for loosely installed use. Made from 100% virgin coir fiber combined with a PVC backing, this environmentally safe material can resist pedestrian loads.

Rough hair brushes ensure outstanding shaving of the shoes and at the same time are highly absorptive of damp. Coconut PVC is available in the colours nature as well as gray and white (both colours are solid-coloured and do not fade). The Logo Mat - Coir Design is available in a 17 mm thick and in 1000 mm and 2000 mm wide rolls and can be cut to size.

Logo mats for interiors | Matshop

At Matshop, the assortment of Indoor Logo Mats we manufacture here includes a variety of items for different numbers of visitors, how you want to reproduce your picture and also the number of colors that will be imprinted on the mats. Using a variety of different processes, our mats can be imprinted on nylon, which provides an absorptive and durable picture, and deposited on a resilient floor to make sure the mats remain even. This process allows the matt to imprint in full color and the thicker rug grades allow the reproduction of a photo.

To create an eye-catching picture that really stands out from the crowd and is the hottest way of all, the Crisp Imprint is applied to the top of a ground matt that forms a crisp and durable matt for mid-range transport application. This is the best choice for plain logo and up to 4-colour mats.

The graphical in-lay logo process is intended for high volume areas where solvent coloured rugs are inserted into the carpet and then compressed for a durable joint. This process also allows a crisp logo and will not pale or change colour over a period of years, but the colour in this release is restricted to normal inks.

Or, for a full-color blanket that prints exactly like a photo, the sublimation blankets mean that practically every picture on the blanket is available. The process is performed by printing in full color to match your picture, and then pressing into a blanket fabric or polyamide backing that is connected to a blanket backing.

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