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Coconut fibre mat with vinyl backing for strength and dirt repellency, can be cut to size to fit mat recesses and wells or used as a loose layer. offers coconut doors and coconut mats for outdoor use. Whitened coconut fibre with vinyl backing, printed with colourfast ink. Environmentally friendly, natural and renewable material obtained from coconuts.

A coconut floor mat or a natural fibre floor mat is a wonderful option if you live in a dry climate.

Kokosmatten | Buy high-quality Kokosmatten & Kokosfußmatten online.

Chocolate matting provides a naturally effective way to meet any entry, jetty, door or other area with average volume of airflows. Kokosmatten are the ideal response for areas of your company that need to be kept neat and tidy and protected prevent soiling. They are made of coir shells, the same materials that are used in the production of bags.

Unbelievably long lasting and tough, this all-round fabric makes it the ideal fabric for mat applications that have to resist everyday use. So, even if you run a bustling shop with literally hundred of everyday visitors, you can be sure that your coconut mat will last a long time.

Coconut mat diversity has allowed us to develop a variety of breathtaking product solutions to address mat problems in your company. No matter whether you are looking for coconut coir blankets for outdoor or indoor use, we have the right blanket for you. Our coconut blankets are made of a high grade coconut fibre, which is the main reason for their high durability.

Your mat positioning and the type of your company are likely to impact on the particular diversity of coconut materials that best suit your needs. Our efficient bottle brush mat, for example, is made from ultra high-quality, naturally coconut fibers that offer excellent absorption and are therefore ideally suitable for use outdoors.

And our Coco Brush mat is made from 100% coconut fibre and stamped onto a 100% PP finish, making it ideally suited for high volume malls. Ask about coconut mats today! Are you looking for the coconut mat you are looking for? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced expert staff today and we will be pleased to help you select the most appropriate one.

Employees are well educated and dedicated to helping all our clients find the right products for their needs, so please contact us.

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