Coir Matting Cut to Size

Coconut mats cut to size

May be cut to size for mat recesses and mat recesses or used as a loose mat on a hard, flat surface. Coconut floor mats are ideal for offices, retail stores, schools, city buildings and anywhere you find a niche or mat shaft. Coconut fibre consists of natural coconut fibres and is an environmentally friendly product. There is a wide range of custom cut coconut mats available, including bar, outdoor and floor mats. Deep pile design keeps dirt under the surface and the mat can be cut to size.

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Excellent mats, good soil resistance, extreme longevity and durability, coconut fibers make Coir an environmentally safe one. The Coir offers an appealing, tidy, clean surface for all niche entrance areas. Coconut fiber mats have a thick back of synthetic material for firmness and sturdiness. Coconut mats are efficient as shave mats and have a good soil repellency.

Coconut mats keep the interior of your home tidy and are most efficient for areas that have small rocks, gravel, pine tree crust and bulk parts of deposits around the entry. Coconut floor mats are perfect for office, commercial, schools, urban buildings and wherever you find a niche or a matshaft.

Kokosfaser consists of naturally coir fibers and is an environmental friendliness work.

Our only charges are for what you have, not for the next meter, so you don't have to buy rubbish mats you don't need.

Our only charges are for what you have, not for the next meter, so you don't have to buy rubbish mats you don't need. Ensure a layer thick enough to allow the top of the brushes to be level with the bottom. When your shaft is too low for the width of the mesh, you want to decide to just place a small sheet of appropriate width in the bottom of the shaft to make up for the differences.

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Kokosmatte is environment conscious and is ideally suitable for entrances and niches. Kokosmatten consist of 100% naturally coir fibres, which remove soil and deposits from footwear. Kokosmatte is PVC-laminated for a more appealing look. Experience it up person with our individual mat.

Sometimes we realize that you need to move and move our mat before you make a choice.

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