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The Floors Natural range of beautiful coconut carpets can be customised to meet a wide variety of decor and functional requirements. Coconut fibres are coarse, stiff and water-repellent, which makes coconut carpets very durable and suitable as doormats. Company entries of manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of coconut fibres, Joot Ka Galicha in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, as well as their contact details and address. Learn more about the benefits of using coconut mats in your entrance area. Coconut fabric is made from coconut and is a hearty fabric for door mats.

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Kokosfasern are manufactured from thick and long-lived Kokosfasern. Probably the oldest type of vegetation cover, coir fibre is processed into carpet and is still regarded as the thickest underlay. It is a great formidable native substitute for coarse clay and other soft shapes of nature floors as it resists pedestrian use.

From India our coir fibre series is available in finned, naturally or naturally fishbone style. For more information about coir fibre and how to get the most out of your new decor, please inquire. Then, coir shells are manually wound into a robust and long-lasting thread, which is then processed into esthetic coir mats and carpets.

Coconut fibre is a naturally occurring material that needs minimum treatment while maintaining its firmness and longevity. Fades slightly under intense solar radiation and produces smoother, often more appealing colours. The Coir adds a distinctive country-style look to any room and is both functional and classy. The Coir entry mats are loved for their robust make-up and their resistance to pedestrian impact, which gives them more character.

Before or after your measure, we have what you need. The backside of the rubber keeps the coconut fibre mat in place. If you would like to see our coconut and rug offerings, please send us an e-mail or come and see our 420 Hay Street, Subiaco, WA showingroom.

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Ever since 1968, the National Floorcovering Centres have been Australia's leading importers of high grade naturally-woven floor covering in virginisal, woollenisal, coconut fibre, seaweed, web and more. Rest assured, they will appear on your ground. Australia's widest inventory programme and more than four decades of experience in the installation, manufacture and maintenance of carpet fabrics make us the first port of call for demanding architectural, home design, magazine and general design professionals.

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