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Wall-to-wall carpet tiles, sisal carpet tiles, sisal tiles, coconut tiles, contract quality floor coverings, sisal floor tiles, sisal carpet tiles. Check out coconut tiles, details and specifications from Coirfed, a leading designer tile manufacturer based in Alappuzha, Kerala. Coconut fibres, which are redefining the trend in floor coverings, are penetrating the Kerala market. Concrete roof tiles; Coconut fibre;

Cost-effective; Roof tiles. The Kirei Coco tiles are made from environmentally friendly coconut shells left after harvest, adhesives and surfaces with low or no VOC content.


Every year Coir is one of our most beloved woven fabrics for our customers in the field of shop flooring. It'?s a coarse, long-lasting coconut-sisal mixture. It gives the fabric more strength than coconut fibre alone, so you can use it for almost anything. Coir tiles are ideal for high frequency retailing or commercial areas as they are worn like irons and have no soiling.

Every tiles is 19.7" x 19.7" x 19.7" For more information or to order tiles, see carpet maker below. Free shipping on all orders for tiles.

Coconut fibre tiles | Alappuzha | Coconut fibre reinforced

The Apex Federation of 600 Coir Cooperatives possesses the biggest showroom and sales outlet networks of Coir Industry in uneven Coir. Headquartered in the capitol Alappuzha, Coirfed is the biggest supplier of coconut fibres and coconut products. In addition to its vast sourcing and sales organization, Coirfed has built a number of state-of-the-art plants for the manufacture of Fibre to Rubberized Coir mats and PVC tufting mats.

At Coirfed we offer a broad range of handcrafted and machined items that are tailored to your needs. Coirfed combines advanced engineering skills with the finest craftsmanship of tradition to provide the best possible environmentally sound and appealing work. At Coirfed, we have a strong tradition of trading only in environmentally responsible materials. Coirfed has done all this to "connect natural beauty" and improve the life of all of us.

Wood-optic tile: Floor coverings for indoor and outdoor areas

The tiles are an essential part of a house and determine the esthetic look of living and business rooms. Choosing a tile must be based on the desired final results and on the furnishings of each interior, which should fit as closely as possible with the stoneware tiles in order to obtain a consistent, harmonic effect; when changing a tile during a refurbishment or installing a new tile in a recently constructed home, you have a wide selection at your disposal so that you can recreate your own unique personality.

All of us know the beauties and elegant qualities of ceramics, which look like timber, but we often forget how time-consuming it is to keep them in top shape, to keep them from decaying and after a few minutes not to be as pretty as they should be.

For those who love hardwood flooring but do not have the means or means to care for it, Refin provides an ideal replacement for hardwood flooring; china tiles that can be installed anywhere. Because of the impeccable and high qualitiy of the wood-optic tiles, the installation is virtually impeccable, and at first sight it is almost unbelievable that it is a ceramic tiles and not an authentically high-quality hardwood-flooring.

What makes you think you should opt for wood-look tiled surfaces? With a large selection of wooden effect floorings, just select the floor that best fits your tastes and your imagination; our advisors can give you the best possible advise and help you select the best model for your needs. The Baita is influenced by the tradition of the parlour, a room entirely clad in timber, characteristic of alpine homes built around the oven, where family gatherings and much of the home lived took place.

Pattern is produced by the combination of different tones of different woods that change color throughout their entire lifecycle, always providing a classical or more casual atmosphere. Inspired by the great Renaissance jewellery, the Chovron range is evocative of the old wooden floor with lamellas in impressively refined designs known as point d'hongrie and chovron.

Middle Eastern atmosphere inspires Deck, an oaken with a clear personality. Selecting the colours and defining the slightly coarse structure of the surfaces gives the long band tiles a straight, naturally looking look. It is available in seven predominantly hot colours, which are reflected in the graphic images, which become clearer as the colours darken, thus providing different shade steps between the bars for a more or less uniform effect.

The Larix is based on the inspiration of Larix, a species of timber widely found in high alpine buildings: this is exactly the scenery that inspires the spectrum of colours and results from the degree of influence of the weather. Therefore, the colours suggest newly trimmed fresh, naturally crafted timber used in indoor spaces that are protected from the components, or timber used for outdoor work in blued tones subjected to intense solar light or lighter grey when kept in the shadows.

It recalls the prestigious character of old manor houses that radiate inheritance and tradition: manually shaved timber, recovered floorings, the charms of the traces of the times thus creating a line that innovates innovative wooden floor tiles to produce contemporary, demanding, seamless floor coverings that reinforce the sense of consistency and generosity. Always used for the building of furnishings, roller blinds and floorings, in ships and barrels for the vinification of wines, oak has been updated in the trail collection: with linear fibers and few branches, this precious timber, known for its thickness and resistance, can be used in a series of installation samples that offer hot, authentic feelings in both domestic and commercial environments.

Made from recycled timber that has been carried over the years and modified by man's attendance and work, Wood²'s surface structure overlaps with the marks of abrasion and contamination from other raw material, creating interior spaces with a very contemporary feel: in a singular quadratic format, this range expresses a sophisticated yet warm and inviting atmosphere.

The Kasai ("fire") is based on Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisugi, a traditional woodworking method (mostly cedar) by combustion with the goal of conserving and conserving the materials. Reflecting the sophisticated optical and textural qualities of burned heartwood on fine vitrified tiles, the range celebrates the fusion of Eastern civilization and ceramics origin.

The lamellas built into fishbones or lines provide a smooth and cosy ambience that is ideal for both living areas and commercial use. Concrete, the classical cement tiles, and Bois, which reproduces the effect of old timber with a slight touch of old-fashioned charm. Combining the two series of tiles forms the inlay cassette and produces a unique design that gives any setting a vibrant urban ambience.

Inspired by the grandeur of the old walnut tree, Guant restores its smooth, naturally textured stripes.

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