Colorful Outdoor Mats

Colourful outdoor mats

The Seagrass doormat is equipped with multicoloured yarn pom poms. Embellish your deck or terrace with our colourful outdoor carpets. Beautiful colours, great designs and easy to clean! As well as our range of carpets for indoor and outdoor use, we also offer shoe trays for storing shoes in garages and entrance areas. Add several colors to enliven your interior or exterior.

Outdoor indoor carpets | Mould and sun resistant

The Australian weather screams for outdoor and indoors. This is why outdoor residential areas on terraces, paving and balcony floors are so beloved. Outdoor lounges or outdoor dinings require an outdoor carpet! Inside, our outdoor carpets are constructed from long-lasting mold and sun-resistant fibers and feature designs and color scheme designs that provide the ultimate outdoor ambience.

Outdoor carpets can also be used inside doors in areas that have a great deal of pedestrian activity or clutter, as they only need to be rinsed with plenty of fresh running wash in order to be cleaned and dry in the heat. Purchase your outdoor carpets from Miss Amara and we will take care of the delivery, no matter where you are located.

Outdoor / Indoor Carpets | Colorful, handmade Outdoor Area Carpets

100 percent PP. Handhooked, sling padding. 100 per cent polyester from recycle plastics bottle. 100 per cent polyester from recycle plastics bottle. 100 percent PP. Handhooked, sling padding. 100 percent PP. Handmade. 100 percent PP. Handmade. 100 percent PP. Handmade. 100 percent PP. Handmade. 100 percent PP. Handmade. Made of 100% polyester from recyclable synthetic material. Hand-woven.

100 percent PP. Handmade. 100 percent polystyrene. Handwoven. 100 percent handmade propylene. 100 percent PP. Handmade. 100 percent PP. Handmade.

Twenty-two best indoor outdoor carpets for indoor use

Colourful and hot, this carpet is hand woven from recyclable synthetic cylinders and inspires inspiration from India's art traditions. Add some heat to your outdoor area with a carpet that goes beautifully with your wood terrace furnishings. Suzanne Kasler's discreet blues of this item can turn your outdoor area into a cosy meeting place.

Neat and classical, strips are an easily manageable design, no matter what outdoor area you work with. Nobody makes preppy-chic as good as Ralph Lauren, and this outdoor blanket is no different. These Lulu & Georgia interior and exterior carpets, rightly called "Bold Arrow", give a room a special touch with their graphical and contemporary printing of alternate arrows.

Surya's handmade, secure MRA-1000 carpet features a colourful, flowery style that is both trendy and fun to wear. Ben Soleimani's hand-knotted flat-woven outdo carpet from Morocco is woven with subtle differences in colour and structure. Add some colour to your interior or exterior decoration with this Mali-Indigo rug with African-inspired geometry.

Loloi's In/Out carpet is woven by handwork in China and offers an aesthetics that is easily operated in any room. Feizy Rugs' Sargasso collection's sleek design enhances both interior and exterior use. The Dudley carpet in gray and deep purple gives the exterior d├ęcor classical stripe. Throughout the year, a plain, hand-woven carpet is an important element in your interior and exterior rooms.

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