Commercial Bathroom Floor Mats

Doormats for commercial bathrooms

The mats are treated with an antimicrobial agent to control odour-causing bacteria. Among our standard bathroom mats are sink mats, chest of drawers mats as well as washable and disposable urinal mats. It is a truly powerful commercial bath towel and hotel quality accessories. Mats, mops and toiletries ensure that your company looks its best at all times. Use our logo mats to add a touch of personality to your living space.

bath and urinal mats

Bath mats, inclusive for urinals and lavatory mats and flush mats, keep lavatories cool, tidy and look good. The mats are sprayed with an antimicrobial product to help prevent odour-causing germs. Boundaries of the dyke catch fluids and keep the floor sober and hygienic, while the elevated top keeps the footwear sober.

Uranium mats and lavatory mats have a durable elastic backing that holds them in place while the appealing edges and curved edges give them a high-quality look. Non-returnable Urinal Mats, Lavatory Mats and Flush Mats are all fully washable. Avoid the need to continually monitor and wipe toilets!

WC floor mats | Commercial bathroom mats

Among our standard bathroom mats are dishwasher mats, chest of drawers mats as well as washable and single-use urinal mats. Our washable toilet mats are all made from a fast-drying propylene fabric and are finished with an antimicrobial agent that helps control odor-causing germs. You also have a wafer motif and embankment edges that keep fluids in the pad and not on the floor.

Pinch it in the germ with one of our eye-friendly mats!

Antislip shower mats that you should have in your bathroom.

Bathrooms are one of the places with the highest accident hazard from sliding shoulders and damp flooring, which can cause injury such as scratches, incisions, bone breaks, contusions, hip breaks and cancellous bone cancers. Therefore, you should consider the installation of anti-slip mats to avoid the danger of injury when showering.

Which is a non-slip mats? Nonslip floor mats are conceived in such a way that they can be directly placed on the floor of the bath or bath. Your primary task is to avoid injuries and offer additional protection when swimming. First of all, the most important advantage of a non-slip floor cover is your comfort. Dropping is much less likely as the pad is fixed to the bottom of the bath or showers.

Ergonomic designs of non-slip mats help reducing the load on the lower part of the lower part of the patient. What's best about a non-slip doormat is that it can be fitted and dismounted in seconds. Once placed on the floor it provides additional protective cover when needed.

Many different styles of non-slip mats are available so you can select from a large number of colors and forms. They can even be used to enhance the appearance of your bathroom. There are also mats with design if you want to give your bathroom some color.

The Allway Matting range includes four different choices for your mats, among them Aquatile Mat, Gripper Matting, Quadflow Mat and Tube Matting. Each of these optional extras is engineered for ease of clean-up and needs-based transportation to and from wash areas.

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