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Bath mats, including urinal mats and toilet mats and flush mats, keep toilet facilities dry, clean and professional looking. Large selection of bathroom mats: bathmats, shower mats, bathtub mats, commercial mats, floor mats, caretakers, trade, industry, care products, consumables. Enhance the image and security of your business while reducing costs with a professional bath mat service program tailored to your business needs. Commercial Polyurethane Kitchen Mats, Comfort Kitchen Mats, Commercial Kitchen Mats, Black Bath Mats, Best Standing Desk Mats A mat is a piece of fabric that is generally placed on a floor or other flat surface.

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Taxidermist coloured towel makes these hand wipes bleach-friendly. Because of these properties, these hand towels are resistant to washing in hotels and give our retailers a range of products that will give them years of use. Distinctive shades allow you to blend and adjust colors or choose a color that matches any bathroom.


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Antislip rugs and rims are used for residential, hospitality, medical and other uses. Nonslip bathtub and bath mats are made of vinylic and nitrilic for long life and reliability. The mats and stripes are equipped with a vacuum support for the sturdiness of the assembly. The available lifestyles are Drainable Mat, Anti-Slip Mat and Bathtub/Shower Strip.

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Refresh your bathroom with a fabulous range of bathing patterns from famous and beloved names like Linen House, Morrissey, Sheridan, Ralph Lauren and more! We at Catch carry the best bathmats at the best price so you can get low rates for your favorite brand every single day. Our range of products is designed to meet your every need.

Discover the latest bathmats in a wide range of colors to suit your distinctive bathroom designs. Purchase your new bathmats today at Catch and start saving!

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Are you looking for new bathroom furniture for your guesthouse, spas or resorts, our range of bathroom mats is sure to be just right for you. Our range includes these fabrics in a wide range of convenient fabrics, such as ring woven, 100% and open weave fabrics, and you will also find inexpensive cotton/polyester blends.

As well as hand towels, we also supply rugs that prevent visitors from sliding and dropping when entering or leaving the showers. For a more sophisticated look, you'll want our spa-quality hand Towels that envelop your customers in luxurious luxuries while enjoying your comforts. There are also items with a wide range of sizes and breadths of campaign and lobby borders so you can easily find the right article for your bathroom.

For more information about the difference between these different types of product, read the above tab pages and the filter on the far right of the page. Placing these in your bedroom or bedroom allows your clients to emerge from the showers onto a smooth, non-slip finish.

If you are looking for other great items for your company, make sure you find our bathroom conveniences, foldable baggage carts and hand towel rails in your room. When you are asking yourself where you can buy your beach mats, we have a large choice of beach mats at the best price.

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