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Looking for jobs for commercial carpet designers. Find the right job as a carpet designer with business valuations and salaries. At Desso, we can work with customers to customise carpet tiles, carpets and rugs, giving them the opportunity to create specific colours and dimensions and help create custom carpet designs. We specialise in carpets for the contract market; architects and interior designers give Atlas its name when style and quality come first.

Store inventory of commercial and private hardwood floors, carpets and rugs in the Bay Area of San Francisco.

Industrial carpet - All architectural and designproducers

Floor carpet slabs with bow pole constructions have been developed to retain their good looks in the most challenging areas with busy building activity, even in hallways and entrance areas. Different types of poles of loops exist.... Randomly placed paving slabs are conceived in such a way that they can be placed in any orientation to allow completely customisation.

Carpet tile cuts and loops are characterized by a smart hybrids structure that provides all the durability of a traditional carpet, but with the added aesthetic and luxury feeling of a trimmed carpet.... Speckle looks at first sight almost as if it were a plain colour, although it actually has a fine but minimum design.

Overall concept.... Influenced by the symmetrical forms of intriguing icecrystals, the living bow presents itself. Thanks to its extreme smoothness, the silky texture of this fabric is unmistakable.... DUNE's tufted compositions' organically styled look is similar to a wind-blown sandy landscape. The Across the Sea is influenced by the pattern that wave creates when it hits the water's edge.

Following and expanding our Ground Collection, the Break ing-Waves Collection offers two different lifestyles that deliver the same high power and value in challenging, sea-inspired designs. Following and expanding our Ground Collection, the Break ing-Waves Collection offers two different lifestyles that deliver the same high power and value in challenging, sea-inspired designs.

The PRIMA U3P3 certified Class 32 line provides a recognized degree of ruggedness. In combination with the PRIMA LUGNÉ series, the loom making makes different large sizes of clothing possible. Simple and fashionable, this line of products at sensible price.... The PRIMA LUGNÉ U3P3 certified Class 33 line provides a recognised degree of durability.

Combined with the PRIMA series, the loom mill makes different large sizes of clothing possible. Simple and fashionable, this line of products at sensible price.... Choose this Micro-Tuft with its subtle, ageless colours for a noble ambience that corresponds to Nordic trend. MICROTEC+ features a very narrow 100% nylon strap with anti dust finish on a 100% recyclable vinylic backing.

Hammersemith is a supplement to the best-selling Tube 100% Wolle line. Tube Collections is an exhilarating series of several subtle loop-stripe designs in 100% pure virgin virgin wool. Tube Collections is an exhilarating selection of several subtle bow stripe designs in 100% pure virgin wool.

Social's gently stratified check mixes with variability to generate tempo and feel in a variety of common settings. Every unmistakable tiles blends similar colours to form a single color change across lots. Richelieu is wonderfully made from 100% woolen and available in 42 different colours ranging from refined neutral to inspiring brightness.

Weaved on Wilton chairs, the weaver' s chairs use the highest grade 100% woollen yarn to give a lush feel. President provides stylish, refined and outstanding comforts. Offering a range of 16 colors, the range provides modern tones to suit your.... Made from the highest 100% woollen yarn, this luxurious high waist satin provides maximum foot comforts.

In addition to the various quality and pattern, all the rugs in the range are characterised by a discreet and calmly designed look.... Its studio range comprises 16 designs and three motifs - textile, mineral and gravure - each of which is based on the passion of Monsieur Christian Lacroix.

Textile designs are designed with clear reference to fashions.... The Avia Carré Ecoline gives you the creative flexibility to create almost any you like. Thanks to our progressive color technique we can fulfil your dream designs. The Avia Carré Ecoline is uniquely characterised by its cementitious verdant tread.... Size available in wide loom and carpet, wailton loom cut weave 100% virgin woollen Flor% approx.

approx. 4500 g/m² Pile length approx. 3801 with its refreshing flair once again provides the perfect base for any home decor. Leave the contrast between the down-to-earth ingredients cotton fabric and the exclusive... It combines a smooth pole finish with high abrasion strength. It has a three-coloured nap, but looks like a solid color, so the carpet can react surprisingly to other colors in the inside.

Like 3801, 3805 is a true classic in terms of classic styling. Top qualitiy carpet made of best wool. One of the most exquisite things about this carpet is its "writing character". Attractive geometrical textures are created with intriguing asymmetry and brillant accuracy. Balsan's first monochrome textured tiles. Conceived to resist discoloration and strong circulation, this line has been inspired by what we see under our barefoot, with references to rugs such as sandy dune, fossil foam, rock and waters.

We' ve been thinking about how carpets can be dramatically in transition.... Our floor tiles offer a wide range of solutions for a variety of applications. With its various lines of products, Classic provides customised designs and vibrant finishes, offering new opportunities for creativity. The best quality carpet in the world! Carpet made of 100% wool Wilton fabric with polyester jute back.

Colour: Brown yarn: 100% woolen Back material: Construction Wilton: .... floor covering TYPE carpet type Z6861 type Something new color 00572 NEUTRALE TAUPE collection ANDERSON TYFTEX classic fibers 100% ANSO® BCF NYLON fiber mark ANSO NYLON width 12 FT type ..... Tailor-made carpets Stacking material50% TENCEL 50% 100% virgin fibre ConstructionHandmade back coatingActionbac Gross steel weight5000g/m2 Carpet thickness approx. 24mm Colour matchingPossible for this range Average UK deliveryBroadloom .... .... Particulate matter binding as plain floors (PM10) and 4 x more efficient than regular carpet solution (PM10).

This textured Schlingenflor carpet tiles is available in 12 different colors, with....

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