Commercial Carpet Flooring

Industrial carpets

At Leicester Flooring we offer high quality commercial floor coverings. This is the best selection and installation of commercial carpets. At Floor Systems & Design we offer free quotes for your next project. With our technologically advanced fibre systems, your carpet stays beautiful longer, is easier to clean and resists the most durable stains.

Set your best on floors that flatter your company.

Industrial carpet

Powerbond, Broadband, Modular and woven. Carpet platform portfolios that provide complementary style, rich colour schemes and a wide range of designs and texts to improve the look and feel of any commercial area. The Tandus Centiva carpet has proved its worth. Our innovative designs and wide range of colours allow our carpet to work with all other Tandus Centiva carpet types.

Our carpet is available in three different grades of performance: Ethernet® Module with Omni-Coat Technology?, ER3? Module and Flex- Airex® Aire? Comfort Module. The Powerbond® hybride elastic panel floors are a mixed structure of polyamide and enclosed pad. Powerbond's unique Powerbond sealed cellular pillow is Powerbond's proprietary product and the largest individual part of its power and styling capability.

Powerbond, with 50 years of tried and tested power, is an indoor symbol and offers unmatched features ideal for any commercialerior. The Tandus Centiva fabrics offer the very best in luxurious quality and power, while at the same time providing interesting research on surface finish and reliefs. Based on the traditional weave technologies passed down over the ages, our designers take a contemporary view of the wide weave fabric.

The Tandus Centiva fabrics are ideal for any commercial use and offer an elegantly high value look in a wide range of styles and colours. Tandus Centiva has been producing award-winning carpets for over 100 years with a sense of style and a record for excellence. Embodying intelligent styling and power, our broadcasted Wideloom product tufts work with all other Tandus Centiva platform tufts.

Philips' rugged Philips solid-state LEDs are combined with a translucent carpet specifically designed by Desso to create a flooring system that is uniquely portable and easy to use. It is an innovative way of radically changing the way humans interacted with a room, transforming the flooring into a vibrant screen that comes into direct contact with our sense and our innate tendency to search for lighter.

In addition, it provides a newly found creative scope for architect and internal designer with innumerable possible applications. It is also available for use with selected elastic deluxe vinyls.

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